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Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness Rifle

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The Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness Rifle Features SUB-MOA Accuracy That Won’t Break The Bank

Bergara, a Spanish rifle manufacturer known for its high-quality barrels, has made waves over the last few years as they delved into the precision rifle market. The gun maker teamed up with a group of incredible machinists who had served in the U.S. Marine Corps Precision Weapons Section.

These machinists helped create the Premier line of Bergara rifles, but those developments also helped push the other Bergara lines in a new direction as well, including the Ridge Carbon rifles. Bergara rifles come with a sub-MOA guarantee, whether it is a precision rifle or something from their hunting line, and the company stands behind that promise.

Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness Rifle Review

The Ridge Carbon rifle I received was extremely well made with tight tolerances throughout (the near seamless mating of receiver to stock, for example). The rifle’s weight was greatly reduced through the use of their No. 6 carbon fiber and 410 stainless steel blended barrel, and that lighter overall weight, at just 6.5 pounds, will be appreciated when a hunter or shooter needs to carry the rifle longer distances.

The one-piece B-14 receiver (Bergara’s version of a Remington 700 receiver) was solid, and the tapered bolt—with a 90-degree throw angle—made for a solid lock up and fast follow-up shots. The trigger on the test rifle was crisp and broke cleanly at between 2.10-2.45 lbs. The rifle is available in 6.5 PRC, .308 Win. and .300 Win Mag., in addition to the 6.5 Creedmoor model I tested.

To evaluate this rifle, I attached a Harris bipod to the stock and an Arken EP-5 5-25X56 FFP MOA scope. The Arken is a mid-grade, well-made scope. I used Federal Premium Berger Hybrid Hunter ammunition featuring a 135-grain bullet. While not quite match-grade ammunition, this was high-quality factory ammunition and more in line with what the average person would be shooting through this rifle.

Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness Rifle

Shooting The Rifle

After zeroing the optic, I shot a few five-round groups at each of my testing distances. The best group at 100 yards came in at 0.641” measured center to center. Experience has taught me that groups often open at greater distances, so despite this nice start, I was interested to see what the rifle could do further out. At 200 yards, the best group was 1.407” or .7 MOA.

When my shooting extended to 300 and 400 yards, the wind picked up to a fluctuating 7- to 11-mile per hour wind, which had me waiting for the lulls so that I didn’t have to keep adjusting for windage. My best group at 300 yards was 2.501” which came in at .83 MOA, and at 400 yards I printed a .84 MOA group totaling 3.344.”

Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness Rifle

Knowing what I know about my own shooting ability and having spent a lot of time with similar rifles, I am very confident this was consistently a .75 MOA rifle or better, especially when paired with match-grade ammunition and when the wind does not play as much in the equation. Even with gusting winds, this rifle fell well within the MOA guarantee set by Bergara.

Final Thoughts: Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness

The Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness is a fine choice for a novice or experienced hunter or a target shooter looking for a quality firearm that functions consistently in any environment—without breaking the bank. Bergara is a relative newcomer to shooters here compared to brands like Remington or Winchester. Yet, Bergara is here to stay, and a shooter can’t go wrong with the Ridge Carbon Wilderness rifle.

Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness Rifle

Specifications: Bergara Ridge Carbon Wilderness Bolt-Action Rifle

ACTION: Bolt Action

CHAMBERING: 6.5 Creedmoor

RECEIVER: Bergara B-14 One-Piece Receiver

STOCK: American Style Synthetic, Soft Touch Finish in Sniper Gray/Tan

BARREL TYPE: No. 6 Carbon Fiber and 410 Stainless Barrel, Threaded 5/8-24” w/Omni Muzzle Brake


MAGAZINE: 4-Round Capacity, Hinged Floor Plate

TRIGGER: Bergara Performance Trigger

SIGHTS: No sights. Uses Remington 700 Base w/6-48 screws (Not Included)

WEIGHT: 6.5 lbs.

LENGTH: 41.4” Overall

MSRP: $1,599.99

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Bergara B-14 HMR Carbon Wilderness Bolt-Action Rifle Review
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