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Check Out Hook & Barrel’s Hot Picks for New Box, Slate, Diaphragm & Locator Turkey Calls

The 2024 NWTF Convention is in the books, which can mean only one thing — the 2024 turkey season is only a few weeks away. Of course, some turkey hunters will be ordering new turkey hunting gear. Since calling turkeys is more than half the fun of the sport, it’s the new-for-2024 calls that really get us yelping!

Check out this collection of box, slate, diaphragm, and locator turkey calls that caught our eye— and might prove valuable at coaxing in many a gobbler this spring (and fall, too, if you’re in a state that permits fall wild turkey hunting).

HS Strut Drury Outdoors Signature Box Call: Best Box Call for Practicality

HS Strut Drury Outdoors Signature Box Call

The Drury Outdoors Signature Box Call by HS Strut is the ideal turkey call. Practically speaking, it doesn’t get much better. The body is made from select American walnut wood and the paddle is made from purpleheart wood. Callers will benefit from the deep cavity with a narrow bottom. MSRP is $49.99.

The Grind Crow Caw II: Best Crow Locator Call

The Grind Crow Caw II

The Crow Caw II by The Grind produces a solid pick for those seeking a good locator call. It makes a high-pitched tone that helps spark gobblers to talk. It comes in a lightweight package that gets loud if needed. MSRP is $19.99.

Preston Pittman Custom Box Call: Best Customizable Laser-Engraved Box Call

Preston Pittman Custom Box Call

The Custom Box Call by Preston Pittman Game Calls is a great option for those who want to add something extra to their turkey call. Its ability to add personalized messaging is ideal for gift-giving—up to 60 characters of wording is allowed. It is double-sided and hand-tuned for realistic sounds. MSRP is $124.99.

Primos Cut and Run Turkey Call Bundle: Best Turkey Call Bundle Pack

Primos Cut and Run Turkey Call Bundle

The Cut and Run Turkey Call Bundle by Primos is a great choice for those wanting to cover their bases. With it comes two diaphragms, one box call, one slate call (with striker), a shaker, and more. This offering is a solid buy. MSRP is $118.11.

Woodhaven The Walnut Real Hen: Best Overall Box Call

Woodhaven The Walnut Real Hen

The Walnut Real Hen by Woodhaven is another great selection. It’s great for deep, raspy yelps. It is also good for cutts and cackles, too. The box is built from walnut, and the paddle is Brazilian cherry. MSRP is $94.99.

Woodhaven The Hunting Public “Alpha”: Best User-Friendly Mouth Call

Woodhaven The Hunting Public “Alpha”

The Hunting Public “Alpha” by Woodhaven shouldn’t be overlooked. This diaphragm call is ideal for making the range of vocalizations hunters use in the field. The three-reed design makes it easier to control, and it gets that high-pitched front end and raspy back end we all like. MSRP is $15.99.

Woodhaven Next Level Ninja Slate: Best Overall Slate Call

Woodhaven Next Level Ninja Slate

The Next Level Ninja Slate by Woodhaven is the standard for friction calls. It delivers on the proven pot call design. The wood is a trusted walnut profile, which pairs nicely with hickory and purpleheart strikers. These two strikers sound like two different hen turkeys. Overall, this call is great for cackles, cutts, purrs, yelps, and more. MSRP is $99.99.

Black Label Game Calls Top Shelf Aluminum: Best Overall Aluminum Call

Black Label Game Calls Top Shelf Aluminum

The Top Shelf Aluminum Call by Black Label Game Calls is a unique offering. This comes with walnut wood and an aluminum inset. It also comes with a two-piece diamond wood striker that cuts through the wind and significantly amplifies sound levels. It’s ideal for long-range locating or windy days. MSRP is $75.

Dead End Game Calls Tube Call: Best Tube Turkey Call

Dead End Game Calls Tube Call

The Tube Call from Dead End Game Calls is a great choice for those who want a tube-based option. It comes with a .006 gray latex material. It’s able to produce all turkey sounds, including the gobble.

Quaker Boy Double Easy Yelper: Best Push-Button Turkey Call

Quaker Boy Double Easy Yelper

A staple in the turkey hunting world, the Quaker Boy Double Easy Yelper remains the best push-button turkey call on the market. It’s a new rendition of a proven one-handed turkey call design that the company has used for years. It features mahogany sides, maple strikers, birch dowels, stainless steel springs, and more. MSRP is $39.99.

Rolling Thunder Black Betty Mouth Call: Best Overall Mouth Call

Rolling Thunder Black Betty Mouth Call

The Rolling Thunder Black Betty Mouth Call is just a great overall call. This three-reed call has a modified snake tongue cut. It features a great rasp that seasoned turkey hunters look for. MSRP is $11.

Rolling Thunder Thunderdome Slate Pot Call: Best Budget Friction Call

Rolling Thunder Thunderdome Slate Pot Call

The Rolling Thunder Thunderdome Slate Pot Call offers a slate surface atop a polycarbonate soundboard with a glass-filled nylon pot. The call gets great range and rasp, making it perfect for windy days. Plus, its ergonomic design makes for easy use. It comes with a one-piece hickory striker with a flare tip. MSRP is $50.

Bone Collector Soggy Bottom Box Call: Best Waterproof Box Call

Bone Collector Soggy Bottom Box Call

The Soggy Bottom Box Call by Bone Collector is a surefire winner. It has a multi-wood construction with a waterproofed paddle and striking surface. It easily makes raspy yelps, cutts, clucks, and more. It comes hand-tuned for consistency. MSRP is $50.

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