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Surprise Your Sweetheart with These High-Caliber Valentine’s Day Gifts

Disclaimer: We may earn a modest commission from affiliate links in our articles.

Buying Valentine’s Day gifts for firearm enthusiasts can be somewhat difficult. There’s no shortage of guns and accessories out there and scrolling through product after product can quickly become frustrating and leave you resigned to buying run-of-the-mill grocery store roses or a box of Russell Stover’s chocolates. Thankfully, your friends here at Hook & Barrel have scoured the internet for the 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts any gun-toting sweetheart can appreciate.

1. Chocolate & Soap Gun Gift Set

chocolateweapons.com chocolate 1911 and soap 1911

What’s better than a Colt 1911? A Colt 1911 that you can eat or one you can scrub yourself clean with, of course! These full-sized replicas from ChocolateWeapons.com offer both a delicious and refreshing way to celebrate V-Day. The solid milk chocolate 1911 comes in at just under one pound and the soap 1911 offers a light beach-inspired fragrance.

2. Personalized Ammo Can

personalized ammo can

Ammo cans are handy, but a personalized ammo can from CleanAmmoCans.com lets your favorite shooter store their ammo securely in a container that is 100% their own.

3. Magpul DAKA Organizer

magpul daka grid organizer

Speaking of personalization, the Magpul DAKA Grid Organizer lets you customize the interior of select Pelican and Plano gun cases. All you need to do is position the blocks as needed to fit your guns and gear.

4. Book a Date at the Range

Instead of a table for two, book a lane for two. If you ask us, taking your Valentine to the range is a great way to spend time together. Contact your nearest shooting range and see if you can schedule a block of time for a good old-fashioned bang session. See what we did there?

5. Maven Outdoor Equipment’s Rick Young Ultra-Light Binocular Harness

Maven Outdoor Equipment's Rick Young Ultra-Light Binocular Harness

If your darling dear could use a less-cumbersome option for toting their binoculars, consider the Rick Young Ultra-Light Binocular Harness. This one-size-fits-all, self-adjusting harness consists of a single-piece shock cord. If your honey likes things easy, light, and effortless when it comes to range accessories, this is a perfect choice.

6. Gun Tote’n Mamas Distressed Buffalo Concealed Carry Tote Handbag

Gun Tote'n Mamas Distressed Buffalo Concealed Carry Tote Handbag

If your Valentine could use an attractive and functional method of concealed carry, consider the Gun Tote’n Mamas Distressed Buffalo Concealed Carry Tote Handbag. This concealed carry purse is made of supple yet sturdy full-grain, buffalo leather. The purse features antiqued, brass-colored metal hardware accents and a concealed handgun compartment with special padding to prevent printing your gun. Also included is a removable and adjustable handgun holster.

7. Bottle Breacher 7.62mm Keychain Bottle Opener

bottle breacher 7.62mm keychain bottle opener

The Bottle Breacher 7.62mm Keychain Bottle Opener is a great way to show one’s love for all things 2A and it’s a perfect alternative to run-of-the-mill bottle openers. Besides, don’t you want your sweetheart to think of you everytime they pop open a cold one?

8. Maglula UpLula Pistol Magazine Loader

Maglula UpLula Pistol Magazine Loader

If your favorite shooter has issues loading their magazines, then the Maglula UpLula Pistol Magazine Loader is the perfect gift for them. The UpLula is available in a wide variety of colors and can be used to load 9mm, 10mm, .357, .40, and .45.

9. Walker’s Disrupters Earbuds

walkers disrupter earbuds

Walker’s Disrupters Earbuds are an innovative and less-bulky option for hearing protection. The Disrupters feature an NRR of 24dB to protect your ears from loud gunshots while enhancing sounds such as wildlife or conversations to keep you better aware of your surroundings. The Disrupters are also Bluetooth-capable to link to your smart devices.

Hearing protection is a perfect present for any occasion. Your loved one to always be able to hear you say those magic words to get them in the mood…“Honey, let’s go to the range.”

10. Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Coffee Club Subscription

black rifle coffee club

If your Valentine’s coffee intake is somewhat astronomical, then buying a subscription to Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Coffee Club is a gift that can’t be topped. Not only is the coffee delicious and available in a wide variety of roasts and flavors, this company supports veterans, law enforcement, and first responders through several different charitable organizations.

The Wild & Uncharted Origin Story Of Black Rifle Coffee Company
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