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big prime day hunting deals
Photo: Nicole Qualtieri

Big Prime Days ends tomorrow. Here are the top deals for hunters.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on stuff for yourself OR for the holidays, Big Prime Deal days are happening now. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re in like Flynn.

We dug deep so you don’t have to. Here are Hook & Barrel’s picks for Amazon’s Big Prime Days deals.

Big Prime Days Deals for Hunters

As always with Amazon, make sure to check if there’s an extra coupon in the product description. A few of these products are even more deeply discounted thanks to that feature.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers — Under $20 (37% Off with Coupon)

hand warmers

I’ve used so many of the throwaway hand warmers in one lifetime that these babies are already in my personal shopping cart today. With five stars, a 10-hour warmth period, and reviews that are nothing but golden, these are both an excellent stocking and pocket stuffer for colder days. The pair also has magnets that allow them to be combined as one.

They also offer an additional 20% off if you hit the coupon! Bingo bango warmo. Add

Big Game Hanger & Pulley System — Under $25 (20% off)

deer hanger

If you’re typically pulling animals out whole, a hanger system is a major upgrade from cleaning, skinning, and processing on the ground or a table.

Set it up in a garage or a tree at camp. The pulley system means you’re able to get leverage on big animals. The hanger itself is rated at a whopping 700 lbs. Hashtag need.

Primos Hunting Bloodhunter HD Light — Under $60 (38% Off)

blood tracking flashlight

I’ll be honest: I didn’t know this existed. But now that I do I am floored. It’s also one of the best deals on the list.

According to Primos, the Bloodhunter flashlight uses a custom optical filter that reduces select colors in order to amplify blood. Reviews are mostly good, but state that battery life could be better. But, pack a few extra batts and perhaps this little guy is helping you pack meat out that might have been lost to the woods. Win-win.

Rangefinder — Under $55 (42% Off)


This is another great deal! Rangefinders pose a few problems. They’re easy to lose (raises hand) and can be pricey. This is a perfect budget option for archery hunters or it will make a great backup to keep in your truck.

Reviews are top notch, and a 700-yard max is more than enough for hunting.

Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks — Under $13 (53% Off)

merino hunting socks, big prime days

Merino is a life changer and if you’re not up, you’re truly not up. Highly reviewed, you get three pairs for under $13. Folks do say they run a bit small, so order up if necessary. But, reports say they’re soft, comfortable, and durable.

When one pair of merino socks can run $20, this is a steal either way.

Headlamp Double Pack — Under $16 (20% Off)

headlamp, big prime days

I always carry two headlamps in my hunting pack, thanks to advice from my friend Randy Newberg. He says “Two is one, and one is none” and if you’ve ever had a headlamp malfunction at night without a backup, you’ll understand why.

These are Amazon best sellers. And with two in the package, the backup is built in.

Lifestraw — Under $10 (50% Off)

lifestraw sale

If you hunt anywhere where water might be an issue, a Lifestraw is an incredible and lightweight option to carry. It’s also great for travel, survival kits, and whatever else life might throw at you.

One straw has the ability to filter 4000 gallons of water. Four. Thousand. Add this to the cart.

Coleman Cot — Under $60 (38% Off)

big prime days, coleman cot

Owning a cot when it comes time for hunting camp is like upgrading to first class. Or, you know, at least business class.

This is extra long, extra wide, and fits folks up to 6’6″ and 300 lbs. (Sorry, Shaq.) You really can’t beat this price for this brand-name piece of equipment. It even has a perfect little table that attaches for drinks, phones, keys, etc. It even folds down into a handy-dandy carrying bag.

Thanks for supporting us! We may earn a modest commission from affiliate links in our articles.

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