Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bow Up this Season

The motive for the upstate New York sausage-maker’s winding pilgrimage to 80 hardscrabble acres of pastureland in North Texas was simple: Joe Musacchio had grown bone weary of the bitterly cold northeastern winters. Since high...

A Gourmet Dove Recipe

In honor of dove season, Chef Atkinson created an original recipe for Hook & Barrel. Prosciutto Wrapped Dove Breast with Elk Sausage Roulade 1 Dove Breast 2 Slices Prosciutto ¼ cup Ground Elk 1 Slice chopped Bacon ½ tsp chopped...

A Bevy of Memories

An exotic piece of trivia that some of the estimated 460,000 Texans who engage in dove hunting might find fascinating can be found in Ecology and Management of Mourning Dove. According to the 1993...

Gator Hunting With ‘Ol Tim

My first gator hunt took place outside of Tampa, Florida. A friend of mine invited me and several other guys on the hunt for his birthday and our guide, Tim, guaranteed the birthday boy...
Hunt gobbler turkey and largemouth bass in the heart of Texas, just north of the town of Brady at Champion Ranch

Cast & Blast Texas Style

Gobblers and Largemouth Bass in the Heart of Texas by: Dustin Catrett Under the cover of darkness, my guide Keith and I slowly crept along a moonlit path under the silhouette of a large oak tree....

Ode to Duck Hunters

by: Katey McClenny photography by: Tyger Wilbanks and Westin Bryant As opening day approaches, I find myself wondering again why I am so invested in this crazy sport called duck hunting. Why do we lose hours...

What Do I Need to Bring?

A question I often receive is, “What should I bring with me on my hunt?” My first and somewhat sarcastic response generally entails something along the lines of “Bring a good attitude, a sense...