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working out while carrying concealed

Advice for How to Carry a Taurus Handgun at the Gym

The term “everyday carry” is often uttered as if carrying a handgun was as simple as wearing a pair of contacts. “Everyday,” we do more than just sit in a chair or take leisurely strolls through the park. Depending on the day, or at least the time of the day, we may be dressed in a way that isn’t conducive for most holster wear, engage in strenuous activity, or both. Of course, the pinnacle of these maladies comes in the form of your typical exercise routine. During this part of the day, concealed carry while working out might seem impossible, but if we look closer at the situation and break down the specific problems, we can come up with solutions before our first rep. 

Packing Your Taurus G3 For The Gym 

concealed carry shorts

Every concealed carry course typically leads with the instruction “wear a stiff belt,” as that’s the best host for a holster and ensures a smoother, faster draw. To that end, most people do not show up in gym shorts or pants that do not have belt loops. So, the first solution is to find workout attire that features a set of belt loops. Jogging or hiking pants typically fit the bill and offer enough flexibility for your typical day at the gym, so this is a great place to start.

Linen shorts of the right material also serve this need well. Add a holster with adequate retention and a baggy T-shirt, and you should be able to hit your full range of motion without losing your gun. If you’re worried, consider switching to a level two or level three retention holster for extra security. This method works best with lighter compacts, like the Taurus G3 families of polymer-framed pistols. 

Off-Body Carry Options 

desantis gunny sack

The preceding is a simple solution, which means it isn’t always the best. An inflexible piece of leather or fabric tightly wrapped around your waist can get uncomfortable once you add a little sweat, so it doesn’t hurt to entertain other options. Off-body or semi-off-body carry starts to look attractive in this light.

I’m a fan of DeSantis’s Gunny Sack, as this fanny-pack style holster keeps the gun fully concealed and retained and can be worn loosely around the midsection. Because it offers its own support, you can carry larger or heavier firearms without any trouble. If you’ve picked up one of Taurus’ recently re-introduced 917Cs, this is the method for you.

crossbreed holsters belly band

Crossbreed’s Modular Belly Band 2.0 is another excellent solution, as it provides quick access without reliance on a belt. Lastly, consider clothing with built-in holster areas. They may not offer the best retention, but with careful planning, they get the job done. The GX4 micro-compact is an excellent candidate for either of the last two carry solutions. 

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The Workout Routine 

Let’s face it, not all exercise stresses your midsection. Therefore, it’s only certain movements that will cause your concealed-carry woes. Propper planning makes all things in life easier, and this is no different. From a fitness aspect, most professional bodybuilders will tell you that without a regimented routine, they wouldn’t be where they are today. Consider breaking your workouts down into muscle groups. You’ll experience faster development and work around your gun without any additional effort. 

Jessie Harrison

Your easiest workout regarding concealed carry is likely going to be arms and back day. Most of these exercises require sitting in a chair or standing, so whatever works outside of the gym will likely serve you well here, too. Cardio, like running or cycling, takes it a step up as rigorous movement is involved, but nothing out of the ordinary. Your hardest day will probably be your ab and core work, as you’ll typically be flexing around your mid-section. These days, you’ll have to be creative, and testing your equipment at home first is absolutely necessary. 

Gym Vs. At-Home Workouts 

Exercise is designed to work muscles that typically don’t see a lot of movement, so the challenges should be obvious. Changing your carry position solves a lot of this, but typically only for one style of exercise. Owning several different types of holsters (and a safe full of guns) is a must for the gym rat, so never feel like you’re tied to one. Lastly, never forget that you have the option of working out in your living room or backyard. These options allow you to keep a gun just inches from your fingertips, and there will never be anything more comfortable than the holster you aren’t wearing. 

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