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Our gifts for gun lovers run the gamut from affordable to outrageous, concealed carry to hunting, and more!

This Christmas, surprise your favorite gun enthusiast this Christmas with, drumroll, a new gun! Or, of course, great accessories that will substantially improve their time shooting.

We put together a list of our favorites, and I’m telling you, there’s some really cool stuff in here. Check it out!

Gifts For Gun Lovers: 2023


Walker’s Razor Series Slim Shooter Electronic Ear Muffs ($60-70, 25% Off)

Walker’s Razor Series Slim Shooter Electronic Ear Muffs are cutting-edge hearing protection tailored for shooters. These muffs instantly suppress harmful impulse noise, offering a safe NRR of 23dB, yet amplify conversations, range commands, and ambient sounds using omnidirectional microphones and HD speakers.

With a slim, low-profile ear cup design that minimizes interference with firearm stocks, you can easily shoulder your gun and shoot without hesitation. Additionally, the padded headband on a durable metal wire frame ensures all-day comfort and secure positioning, even during recoil.

XS R3D 2.0 Night Sights (prices vary)

R3D 2.0 Night Sights are engineered to give you a brighter, stronger set of sights. Designed with DIYers in mind the set requires 50% less force for installation than standard sights. R3D 20s are CNC-machined and treated in BlackNitrite for long-lasting durability.

The tritium front and rear also glows brightly in low light and the photoluminescent front is easy-to-see day or night. Available in standard/suppressor height for Glock, S&W, Sig, Springfield, FN & more!

Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System (Under $200)

Unleash your full shooting potential with Strikeman’s state-of-the-art Dry-Fire Laser Training Systems. Elevate your marksmanship from the comfort of your own space. Trusted by professionals, our precision technology ensures spot-on accuracy. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to revolutionize your training regimen. Upgrade with Strikeman and hit your targets with confidence.

This Black Friday, enjoy an exclusive 30% OFF sitewide with code: BF30.

Federal Ammunition (varies)

We’re big fans of everything Federal ammo. If you know what your loved one shoots — or to add an ammunition supply in addition to the gift of a gun — get dialed in at Federal.

A few of our favorite rounds include Premium Personal Defense for handguns, Terminal Ascent for hunting rifles, and Premium HEVI-Bismuth for upland birds and waterfowl.

Gifts for Gun Lovers: Handguns

ACG 12-Gauge Shotgun Pistol (Under $1200)

This firearm features an 11″ hand-polished nickel-finished barrel with a break-open, double barrel side-by-side design, chambered in 12-gauge muzzleloader with a conventional 209 primer breech plug. The overall length is 15″, and it has a suggested load of 40gr ffg and 1/2 oz shot.

The finish is a stunning 3X hand-polished deep nickel, and it weighs 4 lbs. Additionally, the firearm is equipped with a single hammer, double barrel, single trigger, and 209 primer ignition. It also boasts a fine-grade select American walnut grip and forend for a touch of elegance.

Taurus G2C 9mm Luger 3.2in Matte Black Pistol – 12+1 Rounds (Under $250)

The Taurus G2C 9mm Luger 3.2in Matte Black Pistol, with a 12+1 round capacity, is purpose-built for concealed carry, addressing common carry challenges. Its rounded design minimizes snagging, enhancing concealment, while textured polymer grips provide a secure hold.

Compact yet balanced for power and accuracy, it’s also easy to field strip and clean, simplifying maintenance. The reversible release accommodates both left and right-handed users for quicker magazine changes. For a seamless transition to concealed carry, the G2C is your ideal choice.

Springfield Armory Hellcat (Under $500)

The Hellcat packs double-stacked magazines and Picatinny rails from duty pistols into a compact design, offering impressive capacity and customization. It also features Springfield’s U-Dot tritium sights for quick target acquisition and a cutting-edge pressure-activated adaptive grip texture, making it an advanced concealed carry pistol.

Walther PDP Full-Size Optic-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol (Under $600)

The Walther PDP Full-Size Optic-Ready Semi-Auto Pistol is a high-performance duty weapon. Its RDS-optimized frame with improved ergonomics enhances handling. The factory-milled, optics-ready slide features superterrain serrations for easy manipulation.

The adjustable sights provide quick target acquisition, co-witnessing with optics. With a stepped chamber and stainless steel barrel, it handles +P cartridges for added stopping power and accuracy. Further, the grip texture ensures a secure hold, and the trigger offers a light pull. The modular frame allows customization, and it comes with 2 magazines for added convenience.

Smith & Wesson 642 Deluxe (Under $525)

Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers, your trusted companion since 1950, are renowned for their reliability and simplicity. These compact revolvers handle full-power rounds with ease, offering various calibers and three hammer designs.

It’s no wonder the J-Frame is the leading choice for small-frame defense revolvers. The Model 642, a modern take on the classic Model 42 Centennial Airweight, also combines time-tested features with contemporary advancements. Plus, it’s cute and stylish. Win-win.

Kimber Micro 9 (Under $1000)

The Micro 9 CDP (Custom Defense Package) boasts tritium night sights, 30 lines-per-inch front strap checkering, and an ambidextrous thumb safety. It’s further designed for easy concealment and comfortable carry, featuring a unique Carry Melt treatment that smooths and rounds edges to prevent snags on clothing or holsters.

Size and weight make this gun ideal for concealed carry, and Kimber is always one to put a stylish touch on a gun at a great price.

Gifts for Gun Lovers: Rifles

Ruger American Black Bolt .308 (Under $500)

The Ruger American Black Bolt Action Rifle in .308 Winchester embodies the apex of American firearm craftsmanship, seamlessly blending Ruger’s legendary reliability with modern innovations. It sports a factory-installed Picatinny scope base, includes a magazine and sling swivel studs, and features an ergonomic synthetic stock for comfort. Additionally, the rifle’s precision is further enhanced by Power Bedding and a three-lug bolt, while the Ruger Marksman adjustable trigger and cold hammer-forged barrel guarantee top-tier performance. A true choice for shooting enthusiasts.

Cimarron 1873 Saddle Lever-Action Centerfire Rifle (Under $1600)

How COOL is this gun? The Cimarron 1873 Saddle Lever-Action Centerfire Rifle draws inspiration from a famous Old West rifle, Winchester’s inaugural centerfire firearm. It was in production from 1873 to 1919, yielding over 541,000 units before 1900. Available in various versions, from short Trapper models to rifles with different barrel lengths, this saddle rifle gained popularity among Texas Rangers after 1874. Notable Western figures like Pat Garrett, William F. Cody, Granville Stuart, and outlaws like Butch Cassidy, Belle Starr, and Billy the Kid also favored it.

Gunwerks Clymr Halo Green Bolt Action Rifle – 6.5 PRC, 20in (Under $7000)

The Gunwerks Clymr Halo Green Bolt Action Rifle in 6.5 PRC with a 20-inch barrel is designed for ultimate mountain hunting with a perfect balance between lightweight construction and long-range shooting prowess. Gunwerks engineers their rifle systems from the ground up, and the ClymR stock, the lightest in their lineup, boasts a signature negative comb to reduce recoil and align the recoil pad with the barrel for better shot consistency and quicker follow-ups.

Its design also facilitates easy buttstock height adjustment and maintains target alignment during recoil. The fore end provides a wide, flat surface for smooth tracking and features bipod attachment hardware that doesn’t disrupt the recoil impulse. The Clymr grip also enhances precision and accuracy while minimizing over-gripping and torque during firing.

Nosler M21 chambered in 27 Nosler (Under $2700)

The Nosler M21 is a rifle designed for the next decade. It’s packed with cutting-edge features: a wire EDM machined receiver, nitride-coated fluted bolt, TriggerTech trigger, Shilen match-grade stainless steel barrel, and a McMillan carbon fiber stock. Built by experienced riflemen for riflemen, the Model 21 offers exceptional reliability and precision for any hunt. Futher, it’s equipped with Nosler’s new Model 21 action, co-designed with Mack Brothers, renowned for crafting top-quality rifle actions. I personally shoot a 27 Nosler, and it’s an absolute dream for western big game hunting.

Bergara BMR Matte Blued/Steel Bolt Action Rifle, 22 Long Rifle,18in (Under $600)

The Bergara BMR Matte Blued/Steel Bolt Action Rifle in .22 Long Rifle with an 18-inch barrel is the epitome of excellence. Designed for both hunting and rimfire matches, it offers a choice of 5rd or 10rd magazines. Engineered for field and match performance, it also meets the standards of the NRL22 base class and delivers world-class accuracy with its match chamber.

Gifts for Gun Lovers: Shotguns

Benelli Super Black Eagle Black 12 Gauge 3in SA Shotgun – 28in (Under $2000)

Benelli’s Super Black Eagle 12 Gauge 3in Semi-Automatic Shotgun (28in barrel) represents a complete overhaul of the iconic Super Black Eagle series. Developed over almost a decade with input from pro-staff and seasoned hunters, the focus was on three key aspects: enhanced ergonomics, seamless functionality, and a modern design for ultimate reliability in harsh waterfowl environments. The goal is clear: to deliver absolute superiority in the toughest conditions.

Browning Citori CX White Over/Under Shotgun (Under $2200)

Browning’s Citori CX White Over/Under Shotgun is designed for versatility, featuring a lightweight profile barrel and a 60/40 point of impact that transitions seamlessly from hunting to various clay shooting disciplines. Its barrel boasts a flat floating ventilated rib, ventilated side ribs, and ivory front and midbead sights. The extended Midas-grade Invector-Plus choke tubes enhance pattern consistency. Additionally, The steel receiver showcases a silver nitride finish with the CX logo, while the Grade II American walnut stock with a gloss finish, 18-LPI checkering, and Inflex Technology recoil pad ensure comfortable shooting and faster follow-up shots.

Franchi Affinity 3 Anodized Black 12 Gauge 3in SA Shotgun – 28in (Under $1000)

gifts for gun lovers, franchi

This shotgun perfectly melds Italian craftsmanship with American passion, featuring lean dimensions, a functional design, and ideal weight and balance. Its trim forend also enhances quick and intuitive pointing, while the custom-grade controls are oversized for easy use, even with gloves. The Inertia Driven system and TSA recoil pad ensure a comfortable shooting experience whether in the field or on the clays range.

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