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How Valuable Are Shed Antlers?

You might be surprised at just how valuable some sheds can be.

Shed hunting is a very popular North American activity, and it continues to gain popularity. Fortunately, these antlers hold some value. When the white gold falls, dollars quite literally drop and hit the ground.

But just how valuable are shed antlers? Why are they worth money? And how can people sell them?

Why Are Shed Antlers Worth Money?

Shed antlers are commonly used for various purposes. Both hunters and non-hunters use these for different reasons. From decorations to dog treats, these things are used quite a bit.

First and foremost, people like shed antler collections. True collectors display these and show them off to their fellow hunting friends, and even those who don’t hunt. Big antlers are impressive to most people.

These also work well as standalone hunting displays. Antlers serve as décor, such as bookends, chandeliers, lamps, and more. Antlers can also serve as utility objects, such as knife handles, fishing handles, etc. Taxidermists also use these. And antlers make great dog treats and chew toys. Finally, a large percentage of antlers are also shipped to Asia, where it’s commonly used for medicinal purposes. (This is not medical advice.)

What Are They Worth?

As with anything, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. That said, individual antlers aren’t as valuable unless it’s quite massive or very unique. Matching sets obviously are worth more as an individual sale. In fact, a unique set of antlers that are smaller might just be quite a bit more valuable than a larger set that isn’t unique or holds some sort of status.

Most of the time, whitetail sheds, and other big game shed antlers, are sold by the pound, though. That number can range from $2-15, sometimes more. The lower end consists of older, whiter, chalkier sheds. The top-end are pristine, brown, unblemished sheds. Most sheds fall somewhere in the middle. But the fresher the shed is, the better it will likely grade. A buyer will grade the sheds and pay accordingly.

That said, if a set of deer antler sheds reaches Boone & Crockett status, these become somewhat easier to sell. The bigger they are, the easier it gets. For example, according to GoHunt, a 180-inch set is worth $150-200. Furthermore, it reports that a 200-inch set is worth about $400. Record-class animals draw even bigger price tags.

How to Find a Buyer for Shed Antlers

Finding a buyer is part of the process. There are brokers throughout the country. They buy and sell highly sought-after antler sets. They also purchase sheds in bulk by the pound.

Brokers aside, other methods for selling shed antlers include Craigslist, eBay, Facebook marketplace, and other online listings. Flea markets, trade shows, and yard sales are fair places to sell these, too.

Overall, shed antlers can be quite valuable, especially if you have many sheds to offload, or if you hold large or unique matching sets. Regardless, the point is those sheds in the barn are worth a little something. Keep that in mind before tossing them to the dogs.

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