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hunting sale
Photo: Jacob Frank. NPS

We’re constantly looking for hunting gear on sale. This week, expect shotguns, truck drawers, archery gear, and much more!

Listen, we know sometimes you don’t have time to scroll through hundreds of things just to find a good deal. So, we did it for you.

Below, you’ll find an assortment of hunting gear on sale. We search through dozens of brands and stores for the best sites every two weeks and update this exact same article, so if you like a good deal, bookmark this and come back and check in.

Hunting Gear on Sale

Note: With prices subject to change, we offer the closest price range. Click through the buttons to find the best price!

Legacy Decked Drawers — $1339 ($160 Off)

DECKED released its next-gen drawer system this week for pickups. This means its legacy drawers are on sale. As someone who owned this iteration of drawers, I’ll say this: I’m pumped for the new drawers. But I loved these drawers so much and I still don’t have a bad word to say about them. They’re truly a godsend for pickup owners needing more organization.

Huge Discounts: Compound Bows at Sportsman’s Warehouse

Bows from Bear, Xpedition, and more are severely marked down at Sportsman’s Warehouse. You can find anything from a bow completely set up and ready to hunt to higher poundage step-up bows, like the 60lb Xpedition Archery DLX (25% off) or the 70-lb PSE Brute XTK.

Crossbows, sights, and more are also on sale via Sportsman’s. Now’s the time to stock up for the 2024 season or buy your kid her first bow. There’s a ton of great stuff to check out!

Sitka: Sitka Mountain Pant

Sitka makes some of the best hunting clothing in existence. The Mountain Pant is no exception. It’s tough, breathable, pocket-generous, and made for eating up country.

Retay GORDION Walnut Inertia Plus Shotgun — $100 Off

Retay makes high quality bird guns at affordable prices. And this beautiful Gordion is a 12-gauge that can do it all. Check out the specs at Bass Pro, but we highly recommend it as a solid addition to the gun closet.

Moultrie Mobile EDGE Cellular Trail Camera — 30% Off

I’ve heard great things about the EDGE cameras, like they’re pretty much the best cell cameras in the game right now. You can learn so much about wildlife movement, birds, and more from these highly interactive and easy-to-use cameras.

XtraTuf Leather Chelsea, Duck Camo — $80 Off

Think of this as the ultimate camp-to-town shoe. It’s attractive, with all the durability of XtraTuf and the ease of a slipper. Plus, it’s literally 50% off and available in all sizes. That likely won’t last long.

Thanks for supporting us! We may earn a modest commission from affiliate links in our articles.

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