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ata 2024

A Look at 18 New Archery Hunting Products from the Biggest Archery Trade Show in the Nation 

The 2024 Archery Trade Association Show is in the books, and this year, the big show in St. Louis, Missouri, didn’t disappoint. It unveiled a vast number of new products hitting the market, and most were quite impressive. Here are some of the most interesting hunting tech and gear items launched at the 2024 Archery Trade Association Show. 

Best New Trail Camera: Stealth Cam Revolver Pro 360 Cellular Trail Camera 

Stealth Cam Revolver Pro 360 Cellular Trail Camera 

First on our list of gear from the Archery Trade Association is the Stealth Cam Revolver Pro 360 Cellular Trail Camera. This camera brings 360-degree trail cam photos to the forefront. It also features an 80-FT detection range, 0.4-second trigger speed, and more. It takes 4-, 8-, 16, or 36-MP photos or 1080 HD video with audio. Choose from different modes, including single zone, 180 degrees, 360 degrees, or timelapse. This camera can detect if the camera moves, and sends its coordinates, too. Learn more at stealthcam.com.  

Best New Hand Warmer: Muddy 3-in-One Hand Warmer 

Muddy 3-in-One Hand Warmer

This do-all hand warmer is crafted to solve multiple problems. It serves as an electric hand warmer with four temperature settings, a USB power bank with a 2.0 charge port and overcharge protection, and a flashlight with bright emergency LEDs built in. Read more at gomuddy.com.  

Best New Feeder Accessory: Moultrie Feed Hub Universal Cellular Timer 

Moultrie Feed Hub Universal Cellular Timer 

The Feed Hub Universal Cellular Timer by Moultrie is ideal for replacing most standard timers in feeders. It’s easy to install and activate, giving you a cellular-based option for feeder control. It offers a feed level detector and cellular-controlled timer. It even gets alerts for clogs, jams, low battery, low feed levels, and more. Manage it from the Moultrie Mobile app and change settings whenever and wherever. Get additional info at moultriefeeders.com.  

Best New Climbing Stick: TrophyLine HyperLite 

TrophyLine HyperLite 

Crafted with the all-new Magnite material, the TrophyLine HyperLite is an ultra-lightweight climbing stick that maintains incredible strength. This 16-inch double-step stick is 18 ounces, and with the FlatStack design, four sticks pack into a height of only 5 inches. Interestingly, the Magnite material is 35% lighter and 122% stronger than aluminum and 50% lighter than strength-equivalent carbon. It’s also very quiet, absorbing three times more vibration than aluminum and 10 times more than carbon. It’s 100% made in America. Trophyline.com offers additional details.

Best New Bow Carrier: Bow Spider 

bow spider

Those hiking long distances in the field might grow tired of carrying a bow the entire way. Thanks to the Bow Spider, they can attach it to their back, effectively reducing their hand-carrying load. Read more at bowspider.com

Best New Optics: Buck Ops Buknoculars 

Buck Ops Buknoculars 

Unveiling a brand-new technology, the Buck Ops Buknoculars uses PrimeTime Color Vision to greatly enhance low-light viewing. Even within the last few minutes of legal shooting light, it maintains a quality color viewing experience rather than the grainy gray light that even high-end binoculars provide. It even supports premium black-and-white night vision. It boasts 1-5X digital zoom, a 2.95-inch HD viewfinder, a 25mm objective lens, manual focus, an adjustable IR torch, and more. (Available in August 2024) 

Best New Chronograph: Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph 

Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph 

The new Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph just changed the entire chronograph scene. No longer are big, bulky units needed to obtain accurate shooting data. Now, archery and firearm shooting enthusiasts can produce reliable projectile data for gear testing and fine-tuning. It measures a wide range of projectiles, including speeds from 100 to 5,000 fps. Pair it with your smartphone and use the Xero core app to record results. Its button-operated design is simple to set up and use. Visit garmin.com for more.

 Best New Social Platform: CamoSpace 

camospace app

Tired of social media platforms censoring and holding you back? CamoSpace is a social media app for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Visit camospace.com to learn more.  

Best New Crossbow: Barnett Hyper XP405 

Barnett Hyper XP405 

The Barnett Hyper XP 405 isn’t new for 2023, but it was re-launched at the show, and it’s a surefire winner. This crossbow has TriggerTech technology for better trigger control, anti-vibration foot stirrup, anti-dry-fire trigger assembly, rope-hold RCD groove mechanism, and more. It shoots 405 fps, has 190 pounds of draw weight, and produces 135 ft pounds of kinetic energy. It has a 13.6-inch power stroke, measures 13 inches axle-to-axle (cocked) 35.5-38 inches overall length, and weighs 6.3 pounds. Check out additional details at barnettcrossbows.com.  

Best New Broadhead: REK HXP 

rek hxp

The new REK HXP is a two-blade mechanical broadhead enthusiast’s dream. It turned heads at the show, and the unique, curved-blade design improves flight and penetration. It’s sure to perform well in the field. Head over to rekbroadheads.com for more.  

Best New Red Dot Sight: SelectDot Adjustable Red Dot 

SelectDot Adjustable Red Dot 

Need a red-dot sight for your bow? The SelectDot Adjustable Red Dot sight was on display at the big bow show, and it grabbed the spotlight for those in search of a new, unique archery accessory.  

Best New Lighted Nock: UFO Lighted Nocks 

UFO Lighted Nocks 

With a lot of lighted nock options on the market, it can be difficult to wade through the offerings. But the UFO Lighted Nock is a great choice. It’s an ultra-bright LED, installs easily, force force-activated, tool-less turn-off, has a 20-plus hour battery life, and no assembly is needed. These fit .166 (G), .204 (X), .244 (S), .246 (GT), or .300 shafts. Practice nock included. It comes in green or red.  

Best New Treestand: Novix Raider Hybrid Stand 

Novix Raider Hybrid Stand

The Novix Raider Hybrid Stand is crafted to provide an additional seating option. Use it in traditional mode. Or raise the seat up to implement a different seating selection that’s slightly higher and more comfortable for alternate positioning. Head over to novixoutdoors.com for more info.  

Best New Saddle Platform: Novix Raider Saddle Platform 

Novix Raider Saddle Platform 

Another elevated option, the Novix Raider Saddle Platform is a solid pick for saddle hunters. This platform is very strong and lightweight, making it ideal for mobile hunters to dive deeper into properties with less weight on their backs. Visit novixoutdoors.com for additional details.  

Best New Arrow: Easton X10 Parallel Pro 

Easton X10 Parallel Pro 

Those in search of a new arrow might consider the Easton X10 Parallel Pro. This shaft is strong and flies incredibly well. The 4mm aluminum carbon features high-strength carbon fiber bonded to a 7075 alloy core. It works well for recurve, compound, target, field, and barebow. Straightness is +/- .001 inch. Weight tolerance is +/- 0.5 grains. It comes with a Match Grade 4mm HL stainless steel break-off point (80-130 grains). Learn more at eastonarchery.com.

Best New Archery Target: Rinehart Sasquatch 3D Foam Target 

Rinehart Sasquatch 3D Foam Target 

The Rinehart Sasquatch 3D Foam isn’t brand new, but in my mind, it’s still the best and most humorous 3D target on the course. It’s sculpted for great detail and has meticulous, hand-painted features. It’s easy to assemble and sure to spice up any archery range. Rinehart3d.com offers more info.  

Best New Food Plot Product: Buck.It Ready Plot Assist

Buck.It Ready Plot Assist

The all-new Plot Assist by Buck.It Ready is a microbial-based product that increases the active biomass in the soil. The enhanced microbes improve plant vigor and nutrient uptake. This enhances fertilizer use, boosts the availability of phosphorous and potassium, increases root mass growth, and improves the overall soil environment for plant growth by building the aerobic zone of the soil. Check out more information at buckitready.com.

Most Interesting Miscellaneous Accessory: The Pisser 

the pisser

Last on my list of gear from the Archery Trade Association Show is the most random one I found. Once upon a time, I peed in bottles while deer hunting. Then, a revelation struck. In my opinion, human urine doesn’t spook deer. In fact, I sometimes pee in my mock scrapes to jumpstart use by deer. And it works. That said, some deer hunters still prefer to pee in a bottle. Better safe than sorry, they say. And those hunters pour one for The Pisser

Jim Shockey Bowhunting Tips
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