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Pulsar Thermal Imaging Riflescopes

PULSAR Thermal Imaging Riflescopes

Pulsar Thermal Imaging Binoculars

PULSAR Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Pulsar Multispectral Devices

PULSAR Thermal Attachments

image of a Pulsar Thermal Handheld

PULSAR Thermal Imaging Handhelds


Merger LRF XL50 Binos

Pulsar Merger LRF XL50 Binoculars

Pulsar, a trailblazer in thermal imaging technology, is excited to announce the release of the Merger LRF XL50, a groundbreaking thermal imaging binocular that redefines exceptional performance and imagery. Designed

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about pulsar

Passion for Expanding Human Abilities

Our history dates back to 1991. It was started by a group of friends who shared the same passion for expanding human abilities. This group of enthusiasts used to assemble the first few wooden observation tubes in the basement of an unfinished residential building.

Three decades later PULSAR proves to be the top worldwide brand of thermal and digital day & night vision imaging devices, becoming a trend-setter and innovation leader in the sector. One thing that has not changed over time, is the same passion that drove the founders in the very beginning and which we now share with more than 1200 colleagues around the globe. Our company has come a long way and this journey grows more exciting every day.

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