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kuiu waterfowl, hunter with dog
Photo: KUIU

The new KUIU waterfowl collection just dropped, and we’ve got the details.

Fresh off the press, the latest addition to KUIU’s hunting closet focuses on the waterfowl-obsessed among us. The brand that revolutionized the direct-to-consumer model does it once again with a high-end yet competitively-priced lineup.

From waders to base layers to a heavy-duty jacket, the new line runs the gamut. KUIU-loyal waterfowl hunters can go full kit. For water-worthy expertise, KUIU turned to both Toray and Simms Fishing to assist in the lineup.

Read on to learn about a few of the flagship pieces.

KUIU Waterfowl: Flagship Pieces

KUIU HD Flex Wader – $899

Waders aren’t cheap. But I’ve worn Simms waders for years, and they hold up. The specs check out, as the Flex Wader boasts 4-layer Toray waterproof material rated for cold to frigid weather. It’s insulated, with thoughtfully-made pockets for your hands, phone, and shells. The sole of the boot purports to “self-clean” — a tactic pulled from mountain bike tire design.

One thing to note about this line is that sizing is generous and offers many boot sizes and fits from boot size 8-14, short to tall, and S-3XL.

KUIU HD Flex Storm Shell – $449

kuiu waterfowl

Expect the same materials used in the waders in the HD Flex Storm Shell Jacket. A removable hood allows for flexibility suiting the hunter. And KUIU describes it as “the most durable waterproof jacket” it’s ever produced. It better be at that price point.

But listen, you’re not getting into any high-end waterfowl gear for much cheaper at that point. In fact, this jacket is more than $100 cheaper than competitors on the market.

Baselayers & Insulators

The rest of KUIU’s waterfowl collection consists of what’s worn beneath. Choose between the fleece layering system or the Flyway Insulating Jacket & Vest. Additionally, KUIU offers the Deltastorm 2200 Submersible Backpack ($399) for your accompanying gear.

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