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meat your maker grinder
Grinding wild boar with a Meat Your Maker grinder in north Texas.(Photo: Nicole Qualtieri)

Meat Your Maker Grinders are some of the best in the business. And right now you can get Meat! equipment on sale.

I love me a Meat Your Maker grinder. When the grinder is a-purring, you know you have awesome meals coming down the pike. And in my opinion, Meat! makes it both easy and fun to process my big game animals.

The brand itself goes by Meat!, and it truly delivers the beefiest grinders that I’ve used. Usually, you’d pay a high premium to get gear at the Meat! level. But with its direct-to-consumer pricing model, the brand is able to offer seriously high-end gear at reasonable prices.

What I love most is when reasonable prices get even better. Let’s dig into what Meat! is offering for its summer sale.

Meat Your Maker Grinders and More: The 2023 Summer Sale

Meat Your Maker Grinders on Sale

meat your maker grinder
The .75 HP Grinder

Meat! offers no shortage of grinders and there are a few to choose from in the summer sale. Horsepower is important when considering a grinder, and if you’re grinding a lot of meat throughout the year, it’s a safe bet to save up for the 1 HP grinder.

Personally, I have the .75 grinder, and it’s great for the few big game animals I take a year. And, if you’re a hunter or even just a home chef with minimal need for grinding, the budget grinder should suit you just fine for making the occasional batch of burgers or sausage.

Meat Your Maker Chamber Vacuum Sealer – $525 ($700)

chamber vacuum sealer

The brand’s chamber vacuum sealer sans oil-less pump is the highest of high ends when it comes to sealing and protecting the meat from your filled tags. Using it is simple. You figure out your settings. Bag meat accordingly. Open the sealer. Stick it in. And voila! Sealed meat.

For serious home chefs, the 20% off makes this expensive sealer easier to pocket. And if you’re sealing a lot of food, this is definitely an incredible option as it allows for easy sealing of both wet and dry foods.

Entry Level Processing Bundle: Dehydrator/Vacuum Sealer/Jerky Gun — $241 ($345)

meat your maker grinder

Ok. This might be the best price on an entry-level processing bundle you’re going to find. You might even call it The Jerky Bundle. It includes the Pro External Vacuum Sealer ($180), the 6-tray dehydrator ($130), and the Jerky Gun ($35).

This is the perfect add-on if you’re looking to add a processing kit to your kitchen. And once you get it all set up, you’ll find that both the dehydrator and the vac sealer come in handy way more than you think.

Sous Vide Bundle: Sous Vide + Container/Knife Set/Pro External Vacuum Sealer — $420 ($600)

sous vide cooker

If the sous vide life is the life you want to get after, this bundle makes it easy. The combo of the Sous Vide 10 ($220) & container ($44), the Pro External Vacuum Sealer ($180), and Meat’s Kitchen Knife Set ($175) puts it all together.

Other Meat Your Maker Grinder Bundles to Check Out

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