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decked drawer system

DECKED dropped the new drawer systems for full-size and mid-sized pickups this week.

It’s been nearly a decade since DECKED dropped its coveted, award-winning drawer systems. And this week it releases the next iteration in durable, tough organization for trucks.

These upgraded systems offer more storage, better truck bed utilization, extended drawers, and built-in cargo tie-downs. DECKED’s systems also create a flat truck bed surface, ideal for sleeping or hauling ATVs and motorcycles. The weatherproof drawers securely store gear beneath the truck bed. And DECKED did this without increasing the strain on your payload.

“After ten years of listening to the feedback from our most rigorous testers and critics, and constantly improving our products, it was time to scrap the old playbook and overhaul the design of our system from scratch,” said DECKED Vice President of Marketing, Greg Randolph.

“DECKED’s new family of systems is a total redesign that uses new molds and tools as well as our very own in-house manufacturing. This is a huge leap forward for the customer and for DECKED.”

Meet the New DECKED Drawer Systems

DECKED’s new drawer systems come in two versions: full-size pickup trucks and mid-size trucks, both addressing bed space, drawer efficiency, weatherproofing, and cargo management. Additionally, impact resistance and durability improved by over 25% with new molding technology.

For full-size truck systems, they maintain a 2000-lb payload and 200-lb per drawer rating, with an enhanced 18-inch wide drawer, offering 10% more volume. Integrated topside cargo tie-downs with D-rings provide a 400-lb load rating, utilizing factory bed tie-downs for easy installation.

The removal of corner bins allows longer item storage and access to side-mounted electrical outlets. The drawers’ enhanced weatherproofing includes cab-side and drawer-side panels.

Mid-Size Gets Major Overhaul

decked drawer system, mid-sized truck
The new mid-sized system moved to a single drawer for increased efficiency.

The big refocus in these drawers is how DECKED addressed the different use cases for mid-size trucks.

In the mid-size truck systems, DECKED introduces the “Super Drawer,” reducing the payload requirement to 1,000 lbs, with a 400-lb payload rating. This spans the bed’s width, offering 30% more storage. The system also allows reconfiguration into a sliding tray. Improved drawer extension and pass-throughs eliminate corner bins. The system provides ample storage, covered by waterproof lids.

Cargo tie-downs in the mid-size system have a 400-lb load rating and lie flat when not in use. Enhanced weatherproofing includes cabside and drawer-side panels.

Stay Tuned for More on the New DECKED Drawer Systems

A DECKED aficionado myself, I had the legacy drawers in my 2013 Chevrolet Silverado for years. Now building out a 2020 Ram 1500, I look forward to testing the new systems for Hook & Barrel.

Keep an eye out for a First Look and full review in the near future.

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