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jacob wheeler catching bass with rapala crush city
Jacob Wheeler using Crush City to catch bass. Photo Credit: Rapala

Called “CrushCity,” five new soft baits from Rapala look to level up the game for hardcore bass anglers this fall. And tournament angler Jacob Wheeler reeled in nearly $250,000 competing with the lineup in 2023.

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A new line of soft baits looks to make waves in the freshwater angling world, and Rapala engaged an angler at the top of his game to build it. 2019 World Champion Jacob Wheeler customized five different soft baits meant to round out any angler’s bass lineup with performance in mind. Each has a take on a classic soft bait customized to an elite feel for what bass love to eat.

CrushCity Soft Plastics Aim to Offer Performance, Consistency

rapala crushcity
Angler Maggie Carsello hooks the CrushCity Clean Up craw. Photo: Rapala

Overall, the five offerings within the CrushCity lineup represent the five top plastic shapes Wheeler uses to win tournaments:

  • The Bronco Bug: crawfish softbait
  • The Freeloader: chatterbait/spinnerbait trailer
  • The Ned BLT: Ned rig jig worm bait
  • The Cleanup Craw: crawfish softbait
  • The Mayor: swimbait

CrushCity soft baits, initially designed for largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass, propose effectiveness for various species beyond bass. Furthermore, Rapala suggests trying CrushCity on stripers, peacock bass, and even while kayak fishing.

And anglers need not limit themselves to freshwater. CrushCity baits can be used for targeting redfish, speckled trout, amberjack, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel, whether it’s surf fishing or fishing from piers. Additionally, avid multi-species anglers will appreciate the action of baits like “the Mayor” and the buoyancy and durability of the “Ned BLT,” which Rapala expect to thrive in walleye fisheries in the Midwest.

Anglers can currently preorder packs of each CrushCity soft bait, as the collection looks to hit shelves this fall. Watch the 15-minute video for Wheeler’s in-depth take on his development of CrushCity in partnership with Rapala. But he also has something to say about the collection in general.

“When you come out with a Rapala soft plastic brand – there’s a lot to live up to,” Wheeler said.

“It takes time to get it perfect. It takes time to make something special. It’s a lot of days on the water testing these baits. Figuring out what works, and what doesn’t. We put the time into perfect CrushCity.”

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