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18 New Ruger American Generation II Predator Rifles

Ruger’s American Rifle series of rifles has become the go-to for hunters and sport shooters who want affordable, dependable and knock-’em-dead accurate rifles right out of the box. The recently introduced Gen II series has fast become a hit with the masses. Said masses are about to get a lot happier—especially the predator-hunting crowd!

Ruger just unleashed 36 new configurations of the Ruger American Rifle Generation II, including 18 configurations of the newest Predator variant. Predator rifles are available in the full Gen II caliber assortment, from traditional predator calibers like .204 Ruger up to .300 Win Mag.

Ruger American Generation II Predator Rifle Features

Generation II Predator models feature a durable, Burnt Bronze Cerakote barreled action and an attractive green stock textured with black and bronze splatter for excellent grip and control in the field. The longer 22″ medium contour, cold hammer-forged barrel features deep spiral fluting on most models, improving the balance of the rifle without sacrificing rigidity or accuracy. The threaded muzzle features a factory-installed radial muzzle brake.

ruger american gen ii

The American Gen II builds on the reliability and accuracy of the original Ruger American Rifle with its improved ergonomics, 3-position safety with locking bolt, stainless steel bolt, and more rigid stock. The newly introduced Predator rifles, combined with the launch of 11 new Standard models and seven new Ranch models in various desirable calibers, round out the American Rifle Gen II lineup, which now includes a complete array of Standard, Ranch, and Predator models in 47 configurations and 20 calibers.

For more information on the Ruger American Rifle Generation II, visit Ruger.com.

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