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shane profitt hevi shot

shane profitt
COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE – JUNE 27: Shane Profitt, Photograph by Dustin Haney

HEVI-Shot is proud to announce the recent signing of country music singer-songwriter and avid outdoorsman, Shane Profitt, as the newest addition to their list of brand ambassadors.

“Shane has been a huge fan of our ammo and a dedicated social follower of our social media posts for quite some time now,” said HEVI-Shot Marketing Manager Tina Larsen. “This collaboration will be heavy on social media efforts. We love to share his images and videos on our channels. He is very enthusiastic and we love to see his successful hunts and authentic, real-world reactions to our products.” 

Signed to Nashville Harbor Records & Entertainment, Profitt has entertained audiences with songs like “Better Off Fishin’,” “Guys Like Me,” and the chart-topping hit “How It Oughta Be.”

Hailing from Columbia, Tennessee, 24-year-old Profitt has a background steeped in the blue-collar lifestyle and a genuine connection to the outdoor world.

Beyond the stage, Profitt’s passion for hunting and fishing shines through, solidifying his reputation as a true salt-of-the-earth southerner. Without a doubt, Profitt embodies the spirit of the American outdoorsman which makes him an ideal representative for HEVI-Shot.

shane profitt with hevi shot

HEVI-Shot ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or online. For more information on all products from HEVI-Shot, visit www.hevishot.com.  

Editor’s Note: Be on the lookout for an online Hook & Barrel “Jamming Out” session with Shane Profitt where he’ll share some exclusive content related to his outdoor hunt/fish passions and his music.

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