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Spypoint Flex-M Game Camera

SPYPOINT FLEX-M: Best Value In Game Cameras—Hands Down!

This content is brought to you by SPYPOINT

To say that trail cameras have come a long way since the first ones were introduced would be one of the biggest understatements in hunting.

I remember the first trail cam I bought, and it was near the top-of-the-line at the time. It was bulky, had a slow shutter speed, and used 35mm film. When I went to check it to see what photographs I had of my area, I had to pull the film, replace it with new film, then send the shot film off for developing. After a week or so I had to dig through all the pictures of deer butts, if there was anything in the photos at all. It was cumbersome and inexact, but man, we really thought we had it made!

Now, trail cams will do just about everything for you except choose the best location to set them out. They’ll even deliver the pictures to your phone or computer in real time! In this advanced day and age, look no further than SPYPOINT for top-of-the-line cameras that will get the job done—and get it done right.

spypoint flex-m trail camera
Game-camera technology has grown in leaps and bounds. The SPYPOINT FLEX-M has it all… including a price point that makes you want to buy more than one.


If you haven’t heard of SPYPOINT you need to start paying a little bit better attention. Founded 20 years ago, the company’s products provide many of the scouting solutions serious hunters are looking for, but at a much more reasonable cost than some other companies’ similar technology.

If you’ve been in a vacuum for the past several years, you might not know that the latest thing in scouting cameras is cellular capabilities. That means the unit can take pictures of whatever passes in front of it and send those photos to your computer or cellular device. SPYPOINT introduced its first cellular cameras—the LIVE and LIVE-3G models—in 2012.

Just launched this month, SPYPOINT’s FLEX-M is a cellular camera you’ll want to give a good, hard look. The camera offers four capture modes—Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+. The Time Lapse function takes photos at your preferred interval. The Time-Lapse+ function takes photos at your preferred interval and when the camera’s detection sensor is triggered, making it perfect for monitoring large areas beyond the camera’s detection range.

The responsive trigger optimizes the camera’s settings for the exact conditions at the time of the photo to deliver the best quality image. Also equipped with Constant Capture technology, the FLEX-M can send and capture simultaneously, so you won’t miss a minute of action in the field.

trail camera footage

How SPYPOINT Overcomes Bad Cell Service

If you’ve used cellular cameras, you likely know that one of the limitations has been bad cellular service in your hunting area. That seems to get better every year, but there are still areas where one provider might have good service while another provider has very poor service. So, you might get lucky in that area, or you might not.

The FLEX-M has an easy fix to that problem: It features Dual SIM technology, coming pre-loaded with two preactivated SIM cards that ensure cross-carrier coverage on all major cellular networks. Plus, it continuously connects to the best coverage in the area.

Going Hands-On With The SPYPOINT FLEX-M

The first thing I noticed when opening the box was how small the FLEX-M game camera was. Without the antennae installed, the unit is only 5 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep. Adding the antennae extends the length to 11.5 inches.

Best of all, the FLEX-M was super easy to set up, even for a technologically challenged old guy like me. Within 15 minutes of opening the box, downloading the SPYPOINT app, signing up for a $10 program (good for 1,000 images), and starting setup I was already getting pictures (of my face, of course) delivered to my app.

I also wanted to check out the mounting system, as that has been the weak link in many trail cameras I have used. Not so with the FLEX-M however, as it comes with an installation strap complete with an easy-to-tighten polymer buckle.

spypoint flex-m mobile app
Setting up the SPYPOINT FLEX-M is so easy, even the old-fart author was able to do it in minutes flat!

I Spy A SPYPOINT Winner!

So, what’s a trail camera with all those features cost a guy should he choose to give one—or even a handful of them—a try on his hunting property before next fall’s seasons roll around? How about $79.99—far less than half of what I would have expected the camera to cost. Of course, you have to add a delivery plan, which starts as low as $10 a month—also super affordable in my opinion.

SPYPOINT calls the new FLEX-M “the best value in cellular trail cameras.” After working with my sample camera, I sure can’t argue with that claim. For more information about the FLEX-M and other SPYPOINT products and SPYPOINT’s free transmission plan, visit spypoint.com.

SPYPOINT – The Spy Who Loved Me
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