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Taurus 692 Executive Grade 7-shot revolver

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Meet The 692 Executive Grade Revolver & New TX22

Taurus has a long history of solid revolvers. Now Taurus has gone a step further and created a premier line of revolvers called “Executive Grade.” These guns are unique to Taurus because they are assembled in a production room by a dedicated staff of gun specialists who hand fit, polish, assemble, tune, and quality control-check the revolvers.

In essence, buyers get a custom type of gun that you can get right off the shelf. “It’s really about bringing up quality control, examining manufacturing techniques, and the way to learn that is from gunsmiths on the bench,” Taurus marketing director Caleb Giddings says. “The Executive Grade program gives us a playground, a chance to be more reactionary and more agile to be able to come up with new products in response to market changes.”

New Executive Grade Launch At NRA 2024

Currently, Taurus has given three revolvers the Executive treatment. At the 2024 NRA Show, Taurus released the newest addition to the line. The Taurus 692 Executive Grade.

taurus executive grade 692 revolver
Swapping cylinders is a breeze and makes this new Taurus revolver extremely versatile.

Two Cylinders Are Better Than One!

The new 692 Executive Grade is one of the most unique revolvers in the lineup because it comes with a second cylinder. The 692 Executive Grade can run .357 Magnum / .38 Special +P in one cylinder and then the popular 9mm in the second cylinder. The cylinder swap is simple and takes less than ten seconds to complete. Simply press the release button on the right side of the gun and remove the cylinder. Grab your other cylinder and slide it into place while pressing the release button. It will lock into place, and you are ready to go!

The 692 Executive Grade Is Bold & Beautiful

While some say it doesn’t matter, the gun is beautiful. With its custom hand-polished satin finish and ultra-luxe Altamont custom walnut checkered grip, it is a very distinguished-looking wheel gun. I’m a fan of Altamont Grips, and this set is beautiful. The checkering is nicely done, and the brass escutcheons look good against the grain of the walnut and the blued grip screw. Two pins in the grip halves, as well as one in the frame, keep them secure. There’s a bevel at the top of the grips which serves as good thumb rest for improved control.

taurus revolver
The new 692 Executive Grade is more than ready to report for EDC duty.

Shooter-Friendly Gun Details

Beyond looks, the gun is designed to be a serious shooter. Taurus has included custom porting on the barrel to reduce recoil and muzzle flip. They have also given us a hand-tuned trigger as part of the Executive Grade experience. The trigger has a smooth clean motion throughout the press. It also has an improved triggerguard and backstrap to enhance comfort and performance. For the front sight they use a brass rod insert to provide enhanced contrast for rapid target acquisition. The rear sight is adjustable allowing you to dial the gun in. 

692 Executive Grade Range Report

On the range, the gun is a shooter. Weighing 35 ounces, it has some heft without being an anchor. The perk of this is that the gun soaks up recoil making it fast to run. I used a variety of ammo in both cylinders with no function issues at all. From full-power 180-grain .357 Earth crushers to the light shooting 115-grain 9mm the gun ran like a champ. Regardless of ammo, I was able to keep a sub-2.5-inch group at 15 yards in supported slow fire.

The author found the three-pound trigger to be smooth and fast during his range session.

During the testing I found myself enjoying a few specific things about the gun. The first is that it holds seven rounds. In a world of 17-round extended mags, that may not seem like much, but seven rounds of 180-grain .357 hollow point at 7 yards is a fight stopper. I also like the work that was done on the trigger. I found it to be smooth and fast. In a few headshot scenarios, I cocked the hammer and the trigger broke with approximately three pounds of pressure. I enjoyed the range session and was not happy about putting the gun away.

Added Benefits

Keeping with the Executive Grade experience, the 692 comes in a Pelican Vault case with a custom-cut foam liner. The Vault is a polyethylene case with two ABS push-button latches. TSA-approved, the case also has twin padlock holes, and these incorporate metal liners for long-lasting security. The hinge pins are stainless steel, and the Vault is O-ring sealed to keep out moisture. A purge vent allows air to circulate which is important in a watertight case, especially when flying, which causes atmospheric pressure changes while keeping dust and water out. 

Taurus developed its first revolver in the 1940s, so it knows a few things about revolvers. The new Taurus 692 Executive Grade is a great pistol and I see it doing well in the concealed carry market. For more, visit taurususa.com.

Taurus 692 Executive Grade Revolver

Specifications: Taurus 692 Executive Grade Revolver

CALIBER: .357 Magnum/.38 Special +P/9mm


BARREL: 3 inches

OA LENGTH: 8.14 inches

WEIGHT: 35 oz. (empty)

GRIPS: Altamont Walnut Checkered

SIGHTS: Fixed brass insert front, adjustable rear

FINISH: Satin Stainless


New For 2024—Taurus Upgrades The TX22 Pistol

Taurus TX22 New For 2024

Taurus’s award-winning TaurusTX 22 line has recently received a facelift that’s packed with many new enhanced, shooter-friendly features. Designed to exceed expectations and cater to the diverse needs of shooters, the upgraded TaurusTX 22 sets a new standard for performance-driven pistols. The new TX22 boasts enhanced iron sights, slide cuts for faster cycling, and an optics-ready configuration.

Key Features Of The New TX22

Taurus Performance Trigger System (PTS): The new trigger system delivers a short, smooth pull and ergonomic grip for comfort and control.

Picatinny Rail: The MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail, accommodates a wide array of pistol-sized tactical lights, laser sights, or light/laser combinations.

Threaded Barrel: The threaded barrel and suppressor adapter collar, facilitate seamless integration with suppressors. Its external thread of 1/2-28 is compatible with most .22 LR suppressors available.

taurus tx22

Slide Lightening Cuts: The proprietary slide lightening cuts address concerns about the added weight of optics without compromising reliability. Besides weight reduction, the cuts enhance maneuverability and agility.

Enhanced Iron Sights: Catering to traditionalists, the enhanced iron sights feature high-contrast white dot front sights and serrated rear sights, optimizing visibility and reducing glare. Plus, optics-ready options are available.

Two Mags: Plink to your heart’s content, as the new TX 22’s come with a 22- and a 16-round magazine.

For more, check out taurususa.com.

Taurus Executive Grade 605 .357 Mag./.38 Spl. Revolver Review
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