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taurus ts9

The state-of-the-art Taurus TS9 found a spot in military and police organizations. It’s now available to the U.S. public in a limited run.

Initially exclusively accessible to international military and law enforcement clientele, the Taurus TS9 successfully surpassed the demanding NATO testing protocols. It stands as the preferred pistol for Brazil’s most elite special operations units and is in service with law enforcement and military groups globally.

Marking a significant shift, the TS9 now enters the limited US market due to an excess of law enforcement sales.

Key Features of the Taurus TS9

Key features of the TS9 include an adjustable rear sight, allowing shooters to finely calibrate precision. It also has an adaptable front sight. This enables shooters to tailor their sight picture to their liking and shooting technique, ensuring optimal target acquisition in various scenarios.

The integrated accessory rail, compatible with a wide array of accessories such as lights and lasers, enhances customization as well. The ambidextrous magazine release further emphasizes accessibility and convenience for both left and right-handed users. With four interchangeable backstraps, the TS9 aims for comfort and tailored ergonomics, enhancing control and diminishing recoil for an enhanced shooting experience.

You can expect to see the TS9 shortly at Taurus dealers, but it will likely only be available for a limited time.

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