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Merger LRF XL50 Binos

The high-end Merger LRF XL50 binoculars focus on performance and imagery. Think night vision out to 2500 yards combined with a rangefinder that measures out to 1000.

Pulsar, a trailblazer in thermal imaging technology, announced the release of the Merger LRF XL50. These groundbreaking thermal imaging binoculars redefine exceptional performance and imagery. Designed for professionals and outdoor aficionados alike, this high-tech instrument promises an unmatched viewing experience.

About the Merger LRF XL50

The Merger LRF XL50 ($8000) holds a leading-edge HD 1024×768 @ 12 µm thermal sensor offering a remarkable <40mK NETD of thermal sensitivity. In layman’s terms, this translates into very high-resolution images rich in detail, ensuring definitive recognition of distant targets.

Its 2.5-20x magnification capabilities further amplify image clarity even at significant ranges. Thanks to the binocular’s fast aperture F50/1.0 lens and top-tier thermal sensor, users can confidently detect objects beyond 2,500 yards in absolute darkness.

Merger LRF XL50 Binos

The ergonomic optical design facilitates stress-free viewing with both eyes. This reduces eye fatigue and boosts detection, especially in low-contrast settings. A precise laser rangefinder — capable of measuring distances over 1000 yards — further enhances target assessment accuracy in the field.

The Merger LRF XL50 is encased in robust magnesium alloy housing. This provides sturdy protection against impacts, falls, and adverse environmental conditions. It also features a dual battery system. An external rechargeable battery combos with a powerful internal source, ensuring an impressive 8-hour combined battery life.

Additionally, it’s fitted with an integrated photo and video recorder. It features substantial internal memory for hours of video and thousands of photos. With Wi-Fi capabilities and the Stream Vision 2 mobile application, users can wirelessly connect with iOS and Android devices. Because of this, you can stream real-time images, control device functions remotely, and access cloud storage for their recorded media.

With so much in one small package, the Merger LRF XL50 thermal imaging binocular aims to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience.

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