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Harden & Protect Your Truck with These Six Great Finds from the Great American Outdoors Show 2024

Aside from endless miles of fishing opportunities and more game land than you can hunt in a lifetime, Pennsylvania is home to yet another sportsman’s nirvana: the Great American Outdoors Show. The GAOS comes to town every February and gives us a peek at the latest and greatest gear, as well as a few standbys that we might not get a chance to see otherwise. This year, Hook & Barrel hit the aisles in search of the best aftermarket truck accessories. And for good measure, we also included a “truck” gun—Smith & Wesson’s new 1854 lever-action rifle (yes, you read that right!)

Here is a six-pack of “get-you-some” goodness for your truck or SUV.

FlexTread Floor Mats

FlexTread Floor Mats

First on our list of truck accessories are the FlexTread Floor Mats. If your hunt was successful, you’ll likely have a fair amount of evidence on your boots. FlexTread Floor Mats are built specifically for your vehicle’s year, make, and model, cover more carpet, and capture more dirt than even the high-end OEM mats the dealers try to bang you for.

Quake LED Lights

Quake offers all the aftermarket lighting solutions you could need for your truck or jeep. The Defcon series of light bars are easy to install and illuminate parts of your path that your vehicle manufacturers didn’t think of.

Clear Sight Blinds

Tired of setting up a blind only to find out the deer are somewhere else? Clear Sight Blinds are a towable solution that let you take your stand to where the action is. Just hook it up, haul it, and drop it off.

Big Sky Precision PinUltimate

Big Sky Precision PinUltimate

If you’ve ever lost a cotter pin or had somebody steal your drawbar, this is for you. PinUltimate is made of solid titanium, features a pin-less design, and is lockable to protect your investment.

Amsoil Motor Oil

If it’s got a motor, Amsoil will protect it. This year, Amsoil introduced its High-Mileage, Extended Life, and Hybrid Motor oil series. These join an extensive catalog of automotive fluids that cover you from radiator to rear end.

Smith & Wesson 1854

Lever action rifles are the quintessential “truck gun,” and Smith & Wesson introduced its first this year. Chambered in .44 Magnum and comprised of weather-resistant stainless steel and polymer, it can handle beast or blizzard.

Hunting from a Turkey Blind Tips
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