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HARDY’s Hit Single “ROCKSTAR” Is A Perfect Blend Of Redneck & Rock

Hook & Barrel Magazine fans might recall a kickass cover feature story from the May-June 2023 issue. If not, check out this exclusive interview with HARDY >>> https://hookandbarrel.com/michael-hardy/

In 2024, everyone’s a rockstar; Big Loud Records / Big Loud Rock’s HARDY is redefining what that means. Leaning heavily on the tongue-in-cheek signature songwriting that’s earned him a case full of awards and accolades, the genre chameleon hard launches a rocking chapter of self-referential hits today with new single “ROCKSTAR,” available now. 

Produced by diamond-certified genre pioneer Joey Moi with co-production from HARDY and Jacob Durrett, and built on a sticky, earworm hook, “ROCKSTAR” shows just how “HARDY has been paving his own way in music and seemingly setting his own rules as he goes” (Forbes).

In tandem with the drop, HARDY also releases a noisemaking official music video for the tune. Conceptualized by HARDY and executed by trusted collaborator and director Justin Clough, HARDY pays homage to iconic bands throughout history with the cheeky, three-and-a-half-minute visual. The clip shows HARDY and his touring band running through decades of impactful rock eras, morphing into genre-molding acts like The Beatles, Nirvana, AC/DC, Queen, KISS, and Limp Bizkit.

“‘ROCKSTAR’ is my ‘REDNECKER’ for rock ‘n roll. I feel like it’s the first rock song I’ve released that doesn’t take itself seriously and the music video follows suit,” HARDY says. “Some of my favorite music videos from back in the day were the ones that showed humor, so here’s my tip of the hat to that. Enjoy.”

Listen to “ROCKSTAR” here and watch its official music video below.

Bringing new music on the road this year, HARDY just announced his 2024 Quit!! tour, headlining amphitheaters and arenas across North America with support from Kip Moore, Travis Denning, Ella Langley, and Stephen Wilson Jr., and has been announced as a headliner on massive summer music festivals including Watershed, Faster Horses, Country Thunder, and more. See HARDY live here.

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