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When asked about his favorite spots to hunt and fish, Lee Brice named his top five. Here they are in no particular order… “All these places replenish my soul,” says Brice.

Waccamaw River, South Carolina

Right above North Myrtle Beach is a beautiful little black water river that we have been camping at for 20 years. Ducks, catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill … you name it, we cook it and we eat it fresh.

Homestead Ranch, near Crawford, Colorado

You’re talking about land that’s been in the same family for 150 years, a place that allows folks to see and hunt the most amazing elk, mule deer and bear. This place is beyond special.

Hudson Farm, Andover, New Jersey

To me, it’s like the Augusta National of hunting clubs. It’s got the highest quality instructors for shotguns, rifles and pistols, and great pheasant hunting, of course. It’s a beautiful place.

Southern Illinois Whitetail Connection Hunting Club near Fairfield Illinois

I’ve hunted whitetail my entire life, but South Carolina just doesn’t have the size and quality of deer that southern Illinois does. The cats that run this place are so cool. It’s one of the most fun atmospheres to be in for a few days.

Brice Family Farm, near Nashville, Tennessee

It’s my dream I have pictured in my head since I was a kid. My boys and I spend time together doing all kinds of fishing and hunting — whitetail, ducks, dove, quail, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, coyotes – and riding 4-wheelers, cutting trees and riding horses.

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