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Top Kitchen Must Haves

Top Kitchen Must Haves: Gear to Cook Up Your Field-to-Table Meals.

It’s time to feast! We have carefully selected the Top Kitchen Must Haves from some of the finest handcrafted knives, cast iron cookware, and the best appliances out there that are sure to guarantee the success that you had in the field are on par with success you should have in the kitchen. Also, they make outstanding gifts. So, as you peruse, keep that special outdoorsman in mind!


nesco sous vide cooker

NESCO Sous Vide Cooker (MSRP: $99.99):

There are multiple different ways to ensure you get the best flavors out of your meals. One of those options is using the sous vide style of cooking. Using a sous vide is a great way to cook your meals consistently. Unlike other methods, you have control over heat and temperature through circulation to produce results that you can’t replicate through any other cooking process. Equipment like NESCO’s all-new sous vide cooker provides you with the precision to cook your food to the exact level of doneness desired every time. The illuminated LCD display and sensor touch control provides users with quick and easy programming while the temperature function ranges from 95 – 203F° with both F° & C° modes. The process of vacuum-sealing food, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath locks in flavor and moisture for exceptional texture and taste. By using a sous vide cooker, you are guaranteed the perfect results every time so you can cook your food exactly how you like it.

CHARD 8 Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator

CHARD 8 Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator (MSRP: $269.99): 

An essential part to hunting comes down to what happens after the hunter has punched their tag. Practical and efficient equipment make that last part all the better. When using dehydrators, look for an easy-to-read digital display, like that on the CHARD  8 Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator, to choose the proper temperature and time for whatever type of jerky or snack you are creating. In order to preserve your favorite meats, vegetables, herbs, and fruits, having ample amount of room helps dry items faster and more efficiently. CHARD’s line of dehydrators give you the ability to cook up large batches of food every time. The eight stainless steel mesh trays provide more than 1,300 square inches of drying space and upgraded fans provide better airflow for more effective dehydration to cook the best snacks every batch. 

CHARD #12 Heavy-Duty Electric Grinder

CHARD #12 Heavy-Duty Electric Grinder (MSRP: $194.99)

An important aspect of a hunt is being able to share what you brought home from the field. With countless ways to use ground meat, choosing the correct meat grinder is a must. Look for grinders that have the option to make brats, sausages, and burgers. By having these levels of versatility, hunters have more options for how they can share their spoils. Companies like CHARD have put this into action through their #12 Heavy Duty Electric Grinder. Specific grinders that CHARD provides have the ability to grind or stuff generous portions of meat into sausage casings in a short amount of time through the help of its 500-Watt motor. Motors like these have the capacity to process up to six pounds of meat or game per minute. Another aspect of choosing a grinder is safety. Some grinders, like the #12 Heavy Duty Electric Grinder, have a thermal safety reset button that provides overload protection and extends the life of the grinder.

NESCO VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer

NESCO VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer (MSRP: $144.99):  

Vacuum sealers are an essential item for preserving your meat year-round. Taking the time to research what works best allows for the longevity of your harvest to outlast the rest. Having the ability to seal food, dry or moist, and having the option to choose the pressure for your food are all choices that are available within NESCO’s VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer. With equipment like that of NESCO’s, you can guarantee that its 130-Watt double vacuum pump will extract as much air as possible to prevent food from spoiling. Another thing to consider when purchasing a vacuum sealer is to look at how effectively it seals the bags once they are deprived of air.  The VS-12 has everything you need built in. The bag cutter, roll storage compartment and a clear viewing window makes this an all-in-one stop for keeping food fresh up to 5 times longer than traditional methods.


BREEO Y Series

BREEO Y Series (MSRP: $495):

The lightweight, easy-to-carry Y Series is made for outdoor adventures of all kinds (tailgating, camping, hunting, fishing, RVing, to name a few), but also ideal for the most intimate backyard get-togethers and live-fire cookouts. Unlike any other smokeless fire pit, the Breeo Y Series can burn three types of fuel: wood, pellets, or lump charcoal, and is compatible with the company’s popular Outpost 19 Grill and Sear Plate Griddle. The Y Series is the first to include a built-in, deck-safe heat shield and one-dump ash clean—making it convenient and easy-to-use in any setting. Coupled with the Outpost Grill this duo makes for the ultimate in on-the-go outdoor cooking. Made of 100 percent high-grade 304 stainless steel and backed with a lifetime warranty, the Outpost can be used for decades. Use the Outpost all year long to make the perfect burgers, steaks, potatoes, etc. and cook camp-fire favorite recipes to your heart’s content.


Smithey Ironware Cast Iron and Carbon Steel

Smithey Ironware Cast Iron and Carbon Steel:

Having the versatile 10” chef skillet in your cooking arsenal is a must. Featuring curved interior walls to promote movement and ease of serving, the 10” chef skillet has a large surface area that beg you to cook up bigger omelets, sauté more veggies, or sear an extra steak. Like all Smithey skillets, the interior features their signature polished finish that when seasoned is naturally non-stick and easy to clean. ($140)

The No. 11 Deep Skillet combines many design elements into a single, versatile pan that will become your everyday favorite. The polished, curved interior walls are perfect for browning and stirring ground meat and vegetables. Want to steam, simmer or braise? Add some liquid and put on the custom fit glass lid. Pan fry? The extra depth helps minimize oil splashes. Casseroles? Sure thing – the smooth round interior and even heat retention will result in perfect bakes. ($220)

This 5.5 QT Dutch Oven is a beautiful and functional kitchen workhorse that is destined to be a modern heirloom. Featuring Smithey’s signature polished interior surface that is naturally non-stick and easy-to-clean, this Dutch oven combines the best of enameled cast iron heat performance with a surface finish that will never crack or chip – in fact, the interior surface will only get better with use. Engineered to maintain even and consistent heat, this Dutch oven is perfect for everything from slow-cooking to frying, roasting to baking. Made in the U.S.A., the Smithey Dutch oven is for those who wish to stand out from the pack – use it well. ($295)

Smithey’s 10″ skillet is an ideal size for a small household or the baker creating a perfectly sized cornbread or cake. It’s great on the grill or around the campfire as well. The 10″ features the essentials in a cast-iron skillet–pour spouts, a helper handle for lifting with two hands, and Smithey’s signature polished interior. ($160)

The round roaster is a stunning and versatile kitchen companion designed to move seamlessly from stovetop to oven to table.  With a large cooking surface and optimum depth, the round roaster is at home searing pork chops, roasting vegetables, sautéing shrimp, braising short ribs, and even baking a casserole.  Hand-forged and limited in quantity, each round roaster is visually unique while sharing fundamental design elements including hand-hammered handles with a texture designed for easy gripping and a beautiful pre-seasoned interior finish.  With performance that rivals cast iron at a lighter weight, this roaster is a perfect gift for the cook who has everything. ($285)


Complete Wild Game Cookbook by Chef Bri Van Scotter

Complete Wild Game Cookbook by Chef Bri Van Scotter, $19.99:

Hunting is the perfect way to source healthy, high-quality meat. The Complete Wild Game Cookbook, by Chef Bri Van Scotter,  will show you how to transform your harvest into flavorful feasts that your whole family will love. From spicy Butter Duck to savory Slow Cooker Wild Boar Ragù, this comprehensive wild game cookbook will give you everything you need to start simmering up something good, whether it be big game or small, waterfowl, upland birds, or game fish. There’s even a helpful chapter on marinades, brines, rubs, sauces, and stocks to add mouthwatering flavor to your favorite proteins. Explore the best way to stock your wild game kitchen and learn useful techniques like grilling and smoking as well as how to grind meat for sausage making. Also, almost every recipe in this extensive wild game cookbook includes recommendations of other game that can be used as a substitute.

The Easy Venison Cookbook by Chef Bri Van Scotter

The Easy Venison Cookbook by Chef Bri Van Scotter, $12.99:

This venison cookbook shows you how to bring the rich flavors of fresh venison to the table with ease, featuring 60 savory, step-by-step recipes that are perfectly suited for cooks of all skill levels. Explore the different types of venison, how best to field dress your game, what the different cuts of meat are, and more. Once you’re acquainted with the basics, you can start digging into dishes that any meat eater is sure to love. Recipes are conveniently divided into chapters for tender cuts, tough cuts, ground meats, sausages, jerky, stews, and more―all featuring easy-to-find ingredients and requiring no more than 15 minutes of prep.


BUBBA Complete Kitchen & Steak Knife Set

BUBBA Complete Kitchen & Steak Knife Set, $559.99:

From start to finish, the BUBBA Complete Kitchen & Steak Knife set covers all your kitchen cutting needs. This perfectly balanced set features sharpening steel and 10 extremely sharp, long-lasting blades including: 8” Chef Knife, 8” Serrated Knife, 7” Santoku Knife, 6.5” Nakiri Knife, 6” Utility Knife, 3.5” Paring Knife, and four 4.5” Steak Knives. The perfect addition to your countertop, the entire collection features expertly crafted G10 handles and premium German Stainless Steel. Paired with an elegant Parawood knife block, this knife set brings the blades you trust on the water into the kitchen.

Benchmade Station Knife

Benchmade Station Knife, $270 – $535:

Since the beginning, Benchmade has called your pocket home with its collection of unrivaled every day carry knives. Now, Benchmade has a new home: your kitchen countertop. The Station Knife is your kitchen’s everyday carry. This is a knife that is as versatile as it is sharp, as eye catching as it is functional and as trustworthy as every blade that has ever come out of their factory. Made in America, the Station Knife—like all pieces in the Cutlery collection—is fully customizable. The knife’s steel, handle, bolster, and pivot ring can all be personalized to fit your kitchen’s look and design. This is an all-purpose, multi-functional knife that will meet all the needs of a station chef with limited space. Benchmade’s proprietary SelectEdge™ technology makes the work of preparing meat and vegetables way easier for the home cook. The Station Knife is smooth, easy and clean cut, has a balanced and comfortable feel, and a unique shape that makes it a go-to blade on your countertop.

Benchmade Table Knives

Benchmade Table Knives, Set of 4 starts at $600:

Benchmade kicked off its Cutlery line with the launch of the 4001 Table Knife Set. These unique table knives deliver clean, effortless cuts paired with a premium in-hand feel and modern classic aesthetic. The Table Knife Set redefines versatility in kitchen tools, because now you don’t have to choose between strength and precision. The Table Knife Set features Benchmade’s proprietary 14° SelectEdge® blade for maximum precision. Its stainless steel, serrated blade is wear resistant for enduring strength.The Cutlery product offerings will be manufactured alongside all Benchmade knives and tools at their Oregon City facility, utilizing proprietary technology, leading material science, and employing the highest quality steel and materials available to produce a knife that is worthy of being yours for life.

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