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Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Gun

The Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Shotgun Is One Heckuva Gobble-Busting Machine

O.F. Mossberg and Sons added optics-ready models to its Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey shotgun line of shotguns last year, and I recently received a 940 PRO Turkey hunting shotgun to test out, a semi-automatic, 12-gauge auto-loader complete with a Mossy Oak Greenleaf finish.

The 940 PRO Turkey arrived with a Holosun HE507K-GR X2 open reflex optic, featuring a green reticle and easy-to-use controls (the Holosun is not included with the price of 940 PRO Turkey).  

Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Gun

I was eager to discover just what the Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Gun could offer a hunter like me, especially as turkey season was just a couple months away here in my home state of Wisconsin.

Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Shotgun Review

About the Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Shotgun

The 940 PRO Turkey can handle both 2.75- and  3.0-inch 12-gauge loads. My test and evaluation 940 Pro Turkey shotgun sported a 24-barrel, though it is also available with an 18.5-inch barrel.

As with all models in the 940 PRO line, this turkey hunter featured Mossberg’s durable gas system, which the gun maker rates as able to go through 1,500 rounds before cleaning. Credit this to the fact that the 940 Pro’s gas piston, magazine tube, hammer and sear are all nickel-boron coated, while the return spring plunger is hard-anodized aluminum.

Mossberg included its X-Factor ported choke tube with the PRO Turkey for improved pattern density. Other features included an oversized, beveled loading port with redesigned elevator and shell catch to allow for efficient and pinch-free loading into the magazine tube; a slim-profile forend and user-configurable stock for length-of-pull (13- to 14.25- inches), drop, and cast; and an oversized charging handle and large bolt release button for ease of operation.

The shotgun’s receiver featured cuts to accept low-profile, direct mounting of micro dot sights of the Shield RMSc pattern. Not into shotgun optics? The 940 PRO is sold standard with a HIVIZ CompSight Fiber Optic front sight. The sight’s neon green really pops even in overcast conditions.

Testing the Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Shotgun

My Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Gun also sported aggressive texturing on the forend and stock, sling swivel studs, a five-round (4+1) capacity, and a convenient, ambidextrous tang-mounted safety with a bright red “FIRE” indicator.

I had a separate assignment to test out two new turkey hunting loads from HEVI-Shot, so I initially zeroed the 940 PRO at 25 yards using the ammo maker’s Hevi-18 and Magnum Blend shells.

My shooting was done from both a table and, to better mimic field conditions, from a low folding seat and using a two-legged Primos Trigger Stick for support.

hevi shot magnum blend

HEVI-18 Turkey is a 3.0-inch shell packed with a two-ounce load of #9 pellets made from super-dense tungsten alloy; Magnum Blend is also a 3.0-inch shell, but inside holds a two-ounce mixture of #5, #6 and #7 tungsten pellets.

My patterns with both these hi-tech tungsten loads were amazing. Patterns at 25 yards with both HEVI-Shot options peppered my targets so thoroughly that no tom could’ve made it to gobble another day.

At 50 yards, patterns widened, yet each load still did the job. The Hevi-18’s, for example, put between 20 and 24 pellets into target vitals areas, with the Magnum Blend averaging 15 pellets.

HEVI-Shot Loads Are a Win

Much credit for the tight patterns goes to the HEVI-Shot tungsten pellets, which are much heavier than lead, and therefore hold velocity and power better than their traditional counterparts. But the 940 PRO’s XX-choke tube no doubt was a big help, as was the Holosun green LED-lit reticle, featuring a 2 MOA center dot in the middle of a 32 MOA circle. The Holosun was easy to aim and my eye quickly picked up the green reticle.

My shooting didn’t end with the HEVI-Shot loads. They are great turkey hunting options, but they are very expensive, up to $15 and more per shell.

Traditional Loads Work, Too

Not a huge percentage of turkey hunters are going to opt for that price, so I also ran the 940 more traditional loads. Specifically, Federal Premium’s Grand Slam shells, 3.0 inches long and loaded with 1.75 ounces of copper-plated #6 lead pellets, and Remington Nitro Turkey, also 3.0-inch shells and packed with 1 7/8 ounces of extra hard lead #6 pellets.

I shot these two loads at 25 yards, and they matched up great with the Mossberg, placing very tight clusters of pellets on target vital zones with ease.

Final Thoughts: Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Throughout my shooting, the recoil from the 940 PRO Turkey gun was pretty much what I’d expect from a 12-gauge running 3.0-inch shells: significant but not terrible.  The gas action and the well-designed butt pad kept the recoil at reasonable levels. At 7.5 pounds, this is a mid-weight gun, and maneuvered easily thanks to a nice balance.

Trigger pull averaged a 2 pounds, 2 ounces, with just a slight bit of take-up. The oversized bolt handle made racking back the action very easy, and shells loaded into the tube without a hitch.

All in all, a first-rate turkey slayer and one I will be using this spring.

Specifications: Mossberg 940 PRO Turkey Shotgun

  • Gauge: 12
  • Chamber Size: 3″
  • Ammunition Capacity: 4+1
  • Action Type: Gas, Semi-Auto
  • Barrel Type: Steel, Vent Rib
  • Barrel Length: 24″
  • Barrel Finish: Mossy Oak Greenleaf
  • Receiver: Aluminum, Cut for Optics
  • Choke: X-Factor XX-Full Turkey  
  • Overall Length: 44.75″
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • LOP: Adj., 13″ to 14.25″  
  • Sights: HIVIZ CompSight Front Post
  • Stock: Adj. for LOP, Cast, and Drop
  • Stock Material and Finish: Synthetic, Mossy Oak Greenleaf
  • Safety: Manual, Tang
  • MISC: Optics Ready, Cut for Direct Mount for Shield RMSc Patterns
  • MSRP: Under $1200

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