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EOTECH Introduces the EFLX Mini Reflex Sight (MRS)

If you’re just getting into shooting optics-ready handguns, or you’re a veteran shooter who’s ready to kick iron sights to the curb, EOTECH’s newly launched EFLX Mini is very worthy of consideration. In the coming weeks, Hook & Barrel Magazine’s Fred Mastison will be doing a full review of this new MRS and provide some excellent shooting tips to keep you on target shot after shot.

eotech EFLX Mini Reflex Sight


The new EFLX Mini Reflex Sight (MRS) is EOTECH’s first venture into reflex technology optics. EOTECH is known industry-wide for building the toughest optics on the planet, and the EFLX is no exception. Its durable, heavy-duty aluminum housing provides a large, square viewing window, similar in shape to the battle-proven EOTECH HWS sights. In pistol use, reflex sights allow faster target acquisition than iron sights and excel in low-light conditions. The new EFLX is ideal for professional use, hunting, home defense, and recreational shooting.

The new EFLX is available in either 3- or 6-MOA aiming dot models. A 3-MOA dot improves precision on close-range targets, while the larger 6-MOA is quicker to find. Shooter preference, target size, and engagement distance are critical factors in selecting the best aiming dot size. The sight’s windage and elevation are adjustable in 1-MOA clicks for rapid zeroing. The EFLX also offers unlimited eye relief and indistinguishable parallax to allow for accurate shooting wherever the dot or the user’s head position may be.

eotech EFLX Mini Reflex Sight

Built for Abuse & Balance

On any weapon system, sights must be robust and reliable—the EFLX excels at both. Its ruggedized all-aluminum housing ensures it will stand up to whatever comes its way, passing a 3-foot on-gun drop test (G17). A hoodless design improves visibility and enhances situational awareness. And at a mere 1.4 ounces (35 grams), the EFLX doesn’t noticeably add weight or change a pistol’s balance. The EFLX MRS provides the advantages of a reflex sight in an ultra-compact package.

Settings & Mounting Options

The EFLX Mini Reflex Sight features eight daytime brightness settings, including an ultra-bright mode, plus a night vision setting. Using ergonomic push-button controls, operators can easily switch between brightness levels. Further, the Mini Reflex Sight includes two programmable shut-off options; no shut-off mode provides an always-visible aiming dot, ready when needed, or an auto shut-off mode (after 12- hours), extending battery life. A single 2032 battery provides long run times, and when it’s time to change the battery, an easy-access top-load battery compartment makes the process quick and straightforward.

The EFLX is capable of being mounted directly onto an appropriately milled slide or onto a rear dovetail mounting adapter (sold separately). The mounting configuration is compatible with the Leupold Delta Point Pro footprint. Two torx flathead fasteners are included for mounting the EFLX directly to an appropriately milled slide.

The EOTECH EFLX sight is a lightweight, compact, and cost-effective optic solution engineered with the pistol shooter in mind. Plus, the versatile MRS can work equally well as a secondary 1x optic for firearms equipped with magnified optics.

eotech EFLX Mini Reflex Sight

Specifications: EOTECH EFLX Mini Reflex Sight

● Magnification: 1X

● Illumination Source: LED

● Eye Relief: Unlimited

● Dot Size: 3MOA or 6MOA models

● Dot Color: Red

● Weight: 1.4oz (35g)

● L x W x H: 1.9” x 1” x 1.2” (47 x 25.4 x 30.5mm)

● Windage/Elevation Adjustment: 1 MOA

● Battery Type: 1 CR2032

● Battery Life: Approx. 25,000 hours (3MOA dot) at brightness level 5; Approx. 20,000 hours (6MOA dot) at brightness level 5

● Daytime Settings: 8 (7 daytime / 1 Ultra-Bright)

● Night Vision Settings: 1

● Shut-Off Options: Programmable to shut-off after 12 hours after last button push; Programmable for no shut-off

● Switch Type: Push Buttons

● Mounting Interface: Delta Point Pro

● Housing Material: Aluminum

EOTECH EFLX Mini Reflex Sight Features

● Ruggedized all-aluminum housing for extreme durability

● Hoodless for improved visibility and situational awareness

● 3 MOA and 6 MOA dot size options

● 1 MOA per click W/E adjustments

● Long-life battery

MSRP: $389

For more information, please visit eotechinc.com

Taran Butler Shares Tips for Shooting
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