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Top 6 New Wild Turkey Decoys to Add to Your Flock

The 2024 NWTF Convention is in the books, which can mean only one thing — the 2024 turkey season is only a few weeks away. Of course, some turkey hunters will be ordering new turkey hunting gear. It’s a good bet that your turkey decoys are ready for a full reboot. Check out these top six super dupers we uncovered at NWTF this year. And remember, when they’re not in use, tuck them away safely in your turkey vest.

Best Breeding Pose Turkey Decoy: Higdon Outdoors Hard Body Laydown Hen

Higdon Outdoors Hard Body Laydown Hen

The Hard Body Laydown Hen by Higdon Outdoors is ideal for tricking dominant and subordinate birds into range. This decoy displays ultra-realistic (XHD Hyper Feathering and iridescence), is very durable, and offers a unique posture that triggers a gobbler’s emotions. It’s even lightweight for easy transport. MSRP is $49.99.

Best Turkey Decoy for Unique Pose: Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) Preening Hen

Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) Preening Hen

Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) is known for realism, and its latest offering doesn’t disappoint. The Preening Hen is a unique decoy offering that turkey hunters rarely (if ever) see elsewhere. It’s a great confidence decoy to trick even the most reluctant turkeys. As with all DSD products, it’s loaded with realistic features. MSRP is $149.95.

Best Feeding Hen Decoy: The Grind Bugging Hen Decoy

The Grind Bugging Hen Decoy

The Bugging Hen Decoy by The Grind is one of the best-feeding hen decoys on the market. It even has a two-piece motion stake that stays in the decoy. This decoy is fast to set up, even in the dark. It’s full of advantages, including realistic anatomy, great posture, rugged design, iridescent coloring, long-lasting pain, and more. MSRP is $64.99.

Best Strutter Turkey Decoy: Avian-X HDR Strutter

Avian-X HDR Strutter

Those searching for a strutter decoy should check out the HDR Strutter by Avian-X. It offers incredible realism, durable construction, and more. It comes with a traditional red, white, and blue head, or a dominant all-white head. It’s 15% smaller than real birds for easier transport. The wings and tail fan are removable. MSRP is $269.99.

Best Half-Strut Jake Decoy: Avian-X LCD Half-Strut Jake

 Avian-X LCD Half-Strut Jake

The LCD Half-Strut Jake by Avian-X is another great pick. This sub-adult, subdominant decoy shows enough submissiveness to draw in toms, but enough sass to bring them in running. Overall, it has a sub-dominant posture, sub-dominant head, and relaxed wings. It’s very realistic, collapsible, easy to transport, and more. Its PVC dura-rubber material is quieter than most decoys. MSRP is $149.99.

Best Realistic Hen Decoy: Avian-X LCD Lookout Hen

Avian-X LCD Lookout Hen

The LCD Lookout Hen by Avian-X is an ultra-realistic hen decoy to trick those wily toms. The raised posture increases visibility and more. It’s easily collapsible and the paint scheme is especially realistic. MSRP is affordable, too, at $99.99.

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