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moultrie edge pro

Prepare for the Hunt with the Latest in Outdoor Tech

It’s that thrilling time of the year again when hunters eagerly prepare for the pursuit. This year, we are embracing this extraordinary era where outdoor technology reigns supreme in the world of hunting. In this round-up, we embark on a journey through the world of outdoor technology, unveiling an array of innovative tools that are destined to give hunters an edge over their quarry. Gone are the days of relying solely on instinct and traditional methods. Now, armed with the latest advancements, hunters are empowered to transcend boundaries—enhancing their skills and success rates like never before. 
From state-of-the-art game cameras equipped with artificial intelligence to cutting-edge real-time feeders, we left no stone unturned in our exploration for the latest and greatest outdoor technology. We took an immersive dive into the world of smart gear at recent industry tradeshows and found hunting’s frontline where the boundaries between tradition and innovation are blurred. 
Join us as we explore the dawn of a new era, where the pulse-pounding pursuit of game meets the cutting edge of outdoor technology. This hunting season promises to be unlike any other. Are you ready? 

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro

First on our list of outdoor technology innovations is the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro. The Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro introduces groundbreaking Smart AI technology to the trail camera market. With SmartCapture technology, users can now select specific target species for the camera to identify and capture in photos or videos. This feature saves valuable time by reducing the number of pictures that need to be sorted through, while also extending the camera’s battery life by eliminating unwanted captures. 

The Edge Pro also boasts the industry-first SmartTrigger technology. This self-learning feature adapts over time, significantly reducing false triggers and minimizing the occurrence of unwanted photos. In addition, the camera introduces SmartZones, allowing users to define custom detection zones. By applying selective triggers based on these zones, the camera can effectively ignore objects such as branches near the camera, preventing unnecessary triggers and further streamlining the user’s experience. 

When it comes to power options, the Edge Pro offers flexibility with its choice of 8 or 16 AA batteries. This allows for extended battery life, ensuring the camera remains operational for extended periods. Additionally, the Edge Pro is compatible with Moultrie Mobile’s upcoming solar panel and rechargeable battery pack, which can directly replace the AA battery tray, offering even more power options and reducing the hassle of frequent battery replacements. 

The Edge Pro delivers impressive image and video quality, boasting a remarkable 36-megapixel resolution for images and 1080p resolution for videos. The camera’s NYXEL® NIR (near infrared) technology enables it to capture detailed low-light images at greater distances while minimizing power consumption. Combined with the Edge Pro’s enhanced 0.5-second trigger speed, this camera stands out as the most capable trail camera on the market. 

Like the original Edge, Edge Pro features AutoConnect technology allowing the camera to detect and connect to the strongest nationwide network. Edge Pro also retains the built-in memory feature of the original Edge, meaning no SD cards are required. With its Smart AI technology, customizable features, flexible power options, and superior image quality, the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro sets a new standard in cellular trail cameras. 

MSRP $179.99, www.moultriemobile.com 

Daytime Deadfall Feeder

Daytime Deadfall Feeder

If you’re struggling to attract deer to your land, you need the Daytime Deadfall Deer Feeder. This automatic deer feeder is the hunting tool you never knew you needed. It’s the world’s first deer feeder that you can program to open and shut at any time. As bucks mature, they get more nocturnal, making them more challenging to hunt. Tectonic’s Daytime Deer Feeder can lure the oldest and smartest deer out during the daytime and position them for the perfect shot. Thanks to an easy-to-use digital timer, this deer feeder allows you to select when and how frequently it distributes feed throughout the day. By storing 350 pounds of dry feed, it eliminates the need for frequent refilling. It is completely weather-resistant and prevents squirrels, raccoons, possums, birds, hogs, and other critters from eating your deer feed at night, which saves money and drastically cuts down on wasted feed.

MSRP: $519.99, tectonic-usa.com



The FLEX-S from SPYPOINT brings new and improved solar panel technology to pair with the latest cameras available. The FLEX-S has an internal lithium battery but also allows for eight AA backups, or the addition of the LIT-22 battery pack. When the internal battery percentage dips to a certain point, the FLEX-S will toggle over to the backup batteries until the solar panel has recharged the internal battery to a suitable level. At that time, the camera will toggle back to the internal battery. This toggle feature optimizes battery life and performance for both battery options.  

The SPYPOINT FLEX-S captures and transmits 33MP photos and 1080p videos with sound to the SPYPOINT app so you don’t miss a thing. The responsive trigger automatically configures the camera’s settings to the exact conditions at the time of the photo to deliver the very best quality, every time.     

The FLEX works on all major cellular networks and will automatically connect to the one with the best coverage in the area thanks to the dual-sim configuration of the camera. No more worrying about carrier models or coverage maps. The antenna has been designed to optimize the available cellular signal to deliver exceptional connectivity virtually anywhere you place your camera.    

The camera offers four capture modes: Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+. The Time-Lapse+ function takes photos at your preferred interval and when the camera’s detection sensor is triggered. No matter how you want to scout, the FLEX has you, and your hunting property, covered.    

 MSRP $189.99, spypoint.com 

Moultrie Mobile Feed Hub

Moultrie Mobile Feed Hub

The Feed Hub by Moultrie Mobile is a cellular-enabled feeder management system designed to enhance the hunting and management experience. It consists of three components: a feed level detector, an LTE-connected timer, and the Moultrie Mobile App. The system allows users to monitor feed levels, set scheduled dispensing times, control the feeder remotely, and troubleshoot issues such as jams through the app. 

The Feed Hub is designed to seamlessly integrate with Moultrie feeders but is also compatible with most metal and plastic hoppers from other brands. This makes it a versatile option for hunters who may utilize different feeder models. 

MSRP $99.99, moultriefeeders.com 

Ozonics HR500

Ozonics HR500

Last on our list of outdoor technology is the Ozonics HR500. An essential part of hunting is having the ability to stay hidden and scent-free throughout your entire sit. Ozonics’ HR500 model contains a long list of new and improved features that set hunters up for success. A few that stand out are the upgraded fan—40 percent quieter than the previous OrionX model when used in Boost mode—Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free use to seamlessly control the output modes, keep track of battery life, and stay updated on local weather conditions, and an additional 25 percent ozone output when using the exclusive Hyperboost Mode. This model also has Locker and DriWash modes for use when de-scenting your clothing and gear at your campsite or in your home.

MSRP: $599, ozonicshunting.com 



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