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springfield armory hellion bullpup

Springfield Armory improves ballistic performance with two new Hellion bullpups, in 18” and 20” barrel options. These both maintain the original VHS-2 design’s distinctive features.

The Springfield Armory Hellion draws inspiration from the proven Croatian armed forces bullpup. These guns are used in challenging settings from Iraq to Africa. This American version offers shooters a highly capable and fully ambidextrous semi-automatic firearm.

Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory’s Vice President of Marketing, remarks, “The Hellion built upon the solid foundation of the VHS-2, adapting it to the needs of American shooters. With these two new longer-barreled variants in 18” and 20”, shooters have the option of increased downrange performance as well as features true to the original design.”

Two New Options for the Springfield Armory Hellion Bullpup

While the original Hellion launched last year with a compact 16” barrel, the new variants hold extended 18” and 20” barrels. This results in a 5.56mm firearm that retains bullpup maneuverability while enhancing velocity and downrange effectiveness.

Additionally, the 20”-barreled Hellion echoes the Croatian VHS-D2’s configuration, designed for designated marksmen. It includes a ribbed forward barrel section for improved cooling and an integrated bayonet lug.

In the course of the Hellion’s development, Springfield Armory adapted the VHS-2 design for the American market. This means compatibility with AR-pattern magazines, replaceable AR-pattern pistol grips, M-Lok slots on the handguard, and the addition of six QD mounts. This internationally influenced design caters to the specific needs of American shooters.

All Hellions feature a reversible ejection system requiring no additional parts or tools. Alongside this, fully ambidextrous controls encompass the safety, charging handle, magazine, and bolt release. A five-position collapsible buttstock, two-position adjustable gas system, and integrated flip-up iron sights enhance the design’s versatility.

Finally, each Hellion package includes a 30-round PMAG and a Mod 3 pistol grip. The 18” model prices out at $2,016, while the 20” version is priced at $2,031.


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