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Coming in Hot with the New Summertime (or Anytime!) Collection of Guns & Gear

The everyday carry lifestyle means different things to different folks. Yes, micro-compact pistols have been all the rage for the last few years, but carrying bigger—or even stowin’-and-goin’ with pistol-caliber carbines—is a way of life for some.

As we head into the summer sizzle months knowing that Hook & Barrel readers are a diverse bunch of sport shooters, hunters, anglers, adventure seekers and home defenders, we’ve put together a collection of the new firepower that caught our attention. Also on tap is some new ammunition to feed your everyday carry guns for both defense and training.

No summertime “Gear List” would be complete without some extras like cool shades, shoes, holsters, apparel, gear bags, and more. Without further ado, jump in, the water’s just fine!

Everyday Carry Handgun Hot Picks

Avidity Arms PD10 & Federal 30 Super Carry

Avidity Arms PD10 & Federal 30 Super Carry

Avidity Arms PD10

Avidity Arms PD10


Federal Premium recently collaborated with Avidity Arms on their new PD10 handgun chambered in 30 Super Carry (30SC). Introduced in 2022, Federal’s 30 Super Carry cartridge provides the power of the 9mm with comparable felt recoil. The .312-inch diameter projectile carries the same energy as 9mm Luger at the muzzle and with much better ballistics than .380 Auto. Avidity Arms’ new semi-auto, striker-fired PD10 has a 12+1 capacity and also features a 4-inch barrel, an overall length of 6.94 inches, an overall weight of 18.8 ounces, and many other impressive design features that make it a great choice for an everyday carry gun. MSRP: $625 (avidityarms.com)

Springfield Armory Blacked-Out Emissary

The fully blacked-out Emissary 4.25-inch-barreled .45 ACP features a Cerakote finish that combines with custom 1911-style features and enhancements to offer a serious defensive pistol. The pistol’s “Tri-Top” cut slide, with light diffusing 40 LPI flat-top serrations, houses a heavy-profile bull barrel designed to deliver maximum accuracy and reduced muzzle flip. With a forged slide and frame, sporting a strip of Picatinny rail, the Emissary blends form and function seamlessly in a defensive-minded firearm loaded with custom-grade features. MSRP: $1,378 (springfield-armory.com)

SIG Sauer 1911 XCARRY

Here’s a new X that really marks the sweet spot for Sig Sauer 1911 fans in need of a new everyday carry gun. Sig just announced the 1911-XSERIES that blends the classic features of the platform with the modern necessities today’s shooters desire. New models are available in carry and full-size and come optic-ready, sporting a serrated flat trigger. The stainless steel, hammer-fired .45s also feature X-RAY3 Day/Night sights, custom engraved and checkered G10 grips, extended slide release, and ambidextrous safety levers. Each ships with two eight-round steel magazines. 

The pistols are available in the 1911-XCARRY and 1911-XFULL sizes in either black or coyote tan. Both sizes offer the option of a factory-installed ROMEO-X red-dot optic. The 1911-XFULL is now shipping to dealers, with Carry models expected to start shipping summer 2024. The 4.2-inch-barreled XCARRY models shown have an overall length of 8 inches and weigh 39.1 ounces (empty).  MSRP: $1,562 (black) (sigsauer.com)

Taurus 327 Defender T.O.R.O.

Small but powerful, Taurus’ new 327 Defender T.O.R.O. is chambered in .327 Federal Magnum, delivering terminal ballistics on par with .357 Magnum. The six-shot DOA revolver holds an additional round compared to similarly sized .357 guns. This additional capacity, plus the ability to safely fire .32 H&R Magnum, .32 Long, and .32 S&W, makes Taurus’ 327 Defender T.O.R.O. an extremely versatile choice as an everyday carry gun. The optics-ready revolver with its matte black, 3-inch barrel also sports a night sight and Hogue grip. MSRP: $463 (taurususa.com)

Taurus 327 Defender TORO

Pistol-Caliber Carbines

NEMO Arms Mongoose

NEMO Arms Mongoose

Whether you’re in the market for a stow-and-go truck gun, a very handy home-defense PCC, or a flat-out fun plinker, NEMO’s new Mongoose should get your attention. The fast and accurate 9mm semi-auto’s low-recoiling mass is achieved by using a short-recoil operating system with redundant locking lugs rather than the conventional straight blowback system. Fed by 35-round Magpul mags, the Mongoose sports a front cap compensator to reduce muzzle rise of the 5.8-inch barrel, ambidextrous controls (mag release, safety selector, bolt catch/release), and its non-reciprocating charging handle can be customized for left- or right-hand use. The overall length of the Mongoose is 13.67 inches, and the empty weight is a scant 3.7 pounds. MSRP: $1,950 (nemoarms.com)

Ruger LC .45 AUTO

The pistol-caliber-carbine craze marches on, but in Ruger’s new LC’s case, this beauty is chambered in good ol’ .45 Auto. The 7.1-pound Lightweight Carbine features a 16.25-inch threaded barrel, adjustable folding stock, Ruger Rapid Deploy folding sights and ambidextrous controls. With the stock set to the shortest length of pull, this LC Carbine is just 28.66 inches in length. The .45 Auto version features an updated right- and left-hand bolt release, octagonal handguard and reversible magazine release, and is compatible with most off-the-shelf, Glock-pattern, .45 Auto magazines. MSRP: $1,009 (ruger.com)

Ruger LC .45 AUTO

Ruger LC .45 AUTO

Training, Defense & Sport Ammunition

Federal Champion Handgun

To stay sharp with your personal defense handguns, there’s always a need for quality training/target ammo. Federal Champion handgun loads provide accurate, target-grade performance as they’re loaded with quality brass and primers that are affordably priced. New additions include 90-grain 30 Super Carry, 95-grain .380 Auto and 130-grain .38 Special. (federalpremium.com)

federal .380 ammo

Hornady 5.7x28mm FTX Critical Defense

Over the last few years, several gun makers have jumped on the 5.7x28mm chambering, and Hornady has recently stepped up by creating a superior defense round. Hornady’s new 5.7x28mm Critical Defense loads are 40-grainers that sport the patented Flex Tip technology, which eliminates the clogging and inconsistency that often plagues hollow-point bullets. The tip material is the same Hornady uses in its popular LEVERevolution ammo.

All Critical Defense ammunition is loaded in nickel-plated cases for increased visibility in low-light situations. Premium low-flash propellants deliver proven performance, even in very short-barreled handguns, and won’t disrupt your vision. Reliable expansion and dependable terminal performance can be counted on for everyday carry and personal protection. It is sold in boxes of 25. MRSP: $32 (hornady.com)

Hornady 5.7x28mm FTX Critical Defense

SIG V-Crown Match Elite

During your summertime matches, you’ll want to be running the best possible ammo to rise above the masses. Sig Sauer’s new V-Crown Match Elite was developed by Sig ammunition engineers in conjunction with Max Michel and Lena Miculek to be the ultimate pistol competition load. Available in 147-grain 9mm, the soft-shooting, low-recoil Match Elite load features coated nickel cases and fast, clean-burning powder for exceptional performance and shootability. With a power factor between 126 and 132, these loads are legal for all USPSA competitions, and the lower felt recoil allows competition shooters to stay on target, resulting in faster and more accurate shots. It is sold in boxes of 50. MSRP: $40 (sigsauer.com)

sig v-crown match elite

Winchester Defender 10mm

 The ever-growing “go big or go home” 10mm handgun crowd can now load up with Winchester’s popular Defender ammunition. Defender ammo produces “Stop The Threat” results due to its innovative bonding process that welds the jacket to the lead core, which yields improved penetration and 1.5-times expansion. The Defender 10mm round features a 180-grain bonded hollow-point bullet that leaves the muzzle at 1,240 fps (feet per second), resulting in 614 ft.-lbs. of muzzle energy. This makes the 10mm round more powerful than a .357 Magnum and has nearly double the energy of a 9mm. The 180-grain 10mm Autos sell in boxes of 20 or cases of 200. MSRP: $40-$200 (winchester.com)

Winchester Defender 10mm

Carry Apparel & Security

5.11 Adventure Print Short Sleeve Shirt

Looking to show off your chillness, but also conceal your everyday carry weapon? 5.11 Tactical’s Adventure Print Short Sleeve Shirt, available in Deep Sea, Mussel Blue, or Ranger Green Neu Vay Camo, is the ticket. The center front RAPIDraw snap placket provides fast, reliable access to your CCW. A pair of patch pockets and a pen pocket on the chest keep critical items at hand. The 100% polyester construction with Vent-Tac properties and moisture-wicking finish keeps you cool undercover or off-duty. MSRP: $62 (511tactical.com)

5.11 Foley Low

Sticking with the summertime go-casual vibe, 5.11’s Foley Low (as in low-top) shoes offer flexibility for moving quickly across mixed terrain. Full rubber outsoles and Vibram keep feet firmly planted on the ground. Miles will pile on painlessly thanks to the drop-in foam insoles. Full nylon uppers lighten the load without sacrificing the durability and performance you expect. Available in Elmwood or black, the Foley Lows are built to take you to work or play. MSRP: $75 (511tactical.com)

5.11 foley low shoes

Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag

Whether it’s a day at the beach, on the water, a trip to the range or pretty much anything else, don’t leave home without a handy new DAKA Takeout bag. Protect your small essentials (tools, electronics, etc.) from sand, dirt, rain, or saltwater with this durable and weather-resistant 3.5L bag. The Takeout affords easy access through the full-length water-repellant zipper. For larger items, simply release the two quick-release buckles for a taller, wider opening. Like all Magpul DAKA products, the Takeout is made from polymer-infused textiles that are RF welded on every seam. They’re available in black and FDE. MRSP: $30 (magpul.com)

Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag

Magpul Helix Eyewear

These ballistic-rated Helix sunglasses, available polarized and non-polarized, will protect your eyes and keep you looking stylish during summer fishing jaunts or trips to the outdoor shooting range. No matter what your daily, active-lifestyle adventures entail, the durable Helix sunglasses’ rimless design gives you an uncompromised field of view, breathability, and professional-grade eye protection. The Helix is ballistic rated to Z87+ and MIL-PRF 32432 standards, and the lightweight frames are constructed of TR90 for strength, flexibility, and impact protection. They come with a black DAKA Can storage case and a Magpul Lens Bag made with lens-safe cleaning material. MSRP: $99-$129 (magpul.com)

Magpul Helix Eyewear

Magpul Helix Eyewear

Smith Lineup Sunglasses

Up your shades game with Smith-brand sunglasses this summer. Smith’s Lineup series strikes a balance between timeless classic and modern, chunky style you can wear anywhere. The bio-based frames have soft rubber, non-slip nose pads so they stay put on hot summer days. Color- and contrast-boosting ChromaPop lenses give you a clear read on life from sidewalk to surf break and park to patio. Many color options are available, but our favorite is the Matte Moss Crystal shown. MSRP: $195 (smith-optics.com)

smith sunglasses

Smith XC Performance Sunglasses

It’s throwback time with the reborn Smith XC sunglasses. The retro look lives on with a flip-up lens and heritage styling dating back to the 1983/84 Smith Cross-Country sunglasses. ChromaPop lenses make sure everything you see is sharp, with awesome color contrast. The medium-to-large-fit XCs have a four-base spherical shield lens curvature, no-slip Megol nose pads, a goggle-inspired strap, and auto-lock hinges that hold frames open for easy, one-hand on and off. MSRP: $175 (smith-optics.com)

smith xc performance sunglasses

Falco Hybrid Concealment Set A116

Selecting the right holster for your everyday carry lifestyle takes time and consideration—oh, and lots of coin. Holster-style options are seemingly endless, and then there are concerns about mag pouches, properly sized belts, and red-dot capability. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive, one-stop setup, Falco Holsters’ new IWB Hybrid Concealment Set is a well-crafted and affordable proposition. The premium leather and Kydex three-piece set provides functionality and good looks. The Hybrid Concealment Set consists of Falco’s best hybrid holster custom-fitted for your specific firearm, a matching mag pouch and their top-rated gun belt made in the exact same shade of leather. MSRP: $236 (add $10 for red-dot sight variant) (falcoholsters.com)

Hornady Security Mobilis Safes

Hornady Security Mobilis Safes

Job one for hunters and shooters is always safety first. That means having a safe and secure place to store your guns and gear. Make sure not to cheap-out when elevating your home security. Check out these premium safes from Hornady Security. Hornady’s Mobilis Safes feature an innovative modular design that can be transported piece by piece and assembled in any room. Mobilis Safes are available in three sizes and are delivered right to your door. The interior of the safe is equipped with the Square-Lok organizational system and also includes a built-in 120V power strip. MSRP: $2,856-$6,414 (hornady.com)


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