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Silencer Central Unveiled the Buck Commander-Approved Buck 30 Silencer & BANISH Speed K

While on the hunt for new suppressors at SHOT Show 2024, I made my way to the Silencer Central booth which was anything but silent! But that’s a good thing because suppressors have become very hot items for shooters and hunters alike. Here’s a snapshot of two new-for-2024 Silencer Central suppressors worth their weight in gold.

buck 30 suppressor silencer central
Willie Robertson and the Buck 30 Silencer

Silencer Central Buck 30

Silencer Central Buck 30 Specs

The first suppressor that I decided I needed was the new Silencer Central Buck 30 by BANISH. This suppressor was built by Silencer Central in partnership with Hook & Barrel Magazine’s friends at Buck Commander. This is a 30-caliber suppressor designed for rifle calibers up to .300 Win Mag. This suppressor features a tubeless and laser-welded stainless-steel design, incorporating eight baffles to lower decibel levels to below 132 db. Silencer Central has changed the suppressor game with its door-to-door service. The team has the expertise to get your paperwork done and processed like no other company in the industry. If you are considering adding a suppressor to your life, Silencer Central needs to be part of that.

Specifications: Silencer Central Buck 30

Caliber: .30
Caliber Range: .17 to .300 Win Mag
OA Length: 6.9 inches
Diameter: 1.54 inches
Material: Stainless steel
Thread Pitch: Various direct mounts
Sound Reduction: 131 dB
Self-Service: No
Full-Auto Rated: No
MSRP: $699

Silencer Central BANISH Speed K

Silencer Central BANISH Speed K

The newest addition to the BANISH line of suppressors is the BANISH Speed K, a silencer designed in partnership with Federal Ammunition for those in uniform. The Speed K is a 4-inch 5.56 suppressor built from 100% Inconel, allowing it to be durable, maneuverable, and precise. The BANISH Speed K incorporates controlled flow technology and an industry-standard hub. Thread options include 5/8×24, 1/2×28, .578×28, 11/16×24 (call for availability), 3/4×24 and M16x1RH.

Specifications: BANISH Speed K

Caliber: 5.56
Caliber Range: .17 to 5.56
OA Length: 4 inches
Diameter: 2 inches
Weight: 14.1 ounces
Material: Inconel
Sound Reduction: 20.9 db
Self-Service: No
Full-Auto Rated: Yes
MSRP: $1,199

For more information visit silencercentral.com

‘The Buckmen’ Don’t Hold Back
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