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walther f-series

The first of its kind, the Walther F-Series gets down to the nitty gritty when it comes to making a gun specifically for the female hand.

As a woman myself, I’ve struggled with a variety of guns. The length-of-pull on rifles and shotguns is almost always too long, recoil can be a struggle, and sizing can feel incorrect. Walther’s PDP F-Series aims to put those issues to rest, at least for women who are avid pistol shooters.

The Walther PDP F-Series Pistol won multiple awards in 2023. These include the NRA Women’s “Handgun of the Year” and Ballistic’s “Best New Direction”.

“The PDP F-series is the result of a revolutionary approach to creating a pistol with female shooters in mind,” Olympian Gabby Franco said. (She’s also a member of Walther’s shooting team and a firearms instructor.)

“Walther Arms took the difficult task of developing a mid-sized frame handgun that offers high ammo capacity with a smaller grip, shorter trigger, and excellent ergonomics like no other. The F-series is the best tool in the market for self-defense, law enforcement, target shooting, and competitive shooting. It makes me proud to be part of a project to bring a pistol that contributes to many women’s quests to become better shooters!” 

We break down the basics of the F-Series, how it differs, and what a female shooter might expect.

Meet the PDP F-Series Pistol for Women

walther pdp f-series

There are a number of groundbreaking innovations that define the Walther PDP F-Series. Featuring revolutionary ergonomics, reduced trigger reach, decreased grip circumference, and minimized force requirements for slide operation, this pistol is the ideal tool for those with smaller hands.

Couple this with our pioneering SuperTerrain Slide Serrations and the market’s premier striker-fired trigger, and the F-Series unquestionably emerges as the optimal choice. This marks the next step in the evolution of world-class pistol ingenuity.

Below, we break down the added functionality for the female shooter in Walther’s PDP F-Series.

Enhanced Trigger Control

The trigger placement in the F-Series is optimized to accommodate any hand size, ensuring correct trigger finger position. Accurate shooting and precise trigger control hinge on proper trigger finger placement. This enhanced setup is palpable the moment you pick up the pistol.

The brand new Performance Duty Trigger (PDT) is Walther’s enhanced trigger system. By shortening the travel length and enhancing the tactile feedback at the trigger break, the trigger is better suited to more hands. The outcome is an unmistakable, distinctive feel that promotes consistent accuracy. With a better trigger feel, shooters should expect improved confidence.

Superterrain Serrations Facilitate Speed

Departing from the conventional embedded cuts on the slide’s surface, Walther revolutionized the concept with SuperTerrain design. This elevates the serrations for a more positive feel while manipulating the action. As you prepare to engage, you’ll immediately sense the difference as your hands grasp the pistol.

Reduced Slide Force

Walther pioneered a novel operating system that results in an unprecedented 20% reduction in slide racking force. By utilizing a two-piece striker mechanism, all shooters can experience the PDP’s performance with a slide rack that’s both intuitive and enduring.

A Textured Performance Grip for a Sturdy Hold

The grip is really the make-or-break for carrying a pistol. This is where the PDP F-Series design really plays a strong hand.

Engineered from scratch to accommodate the contours of a woman’s hand, the F-Series grip is strategically dimensioned to provide shooters with maximum control and rapid follow-up shots. It also features Performance Duty Texture. Its tetrahedron pattern ensures non-abrasiveness, preventing discomfort to the user’s skin or attire. Walther’s rigorous testing has subjected this pattern to the harshest conditions, confirming its readiness.

The RDS Ergonomics of the Walther PDP is designed to simplify the transition to popular red-dot sight systems for newcomers. It also enhances speed for experienced users. Engineered pinky pressure and offhand support facilitate instant red-dot alignment during presentation. The PDP’s grip angle supports a natural aiming stance. This synergizes with the innovative RDS Ergonomics, enabling swift red-dot acquisition.

Walther’s Most Versatile Gun: The PDP F-Series

The PDP stands as Walther’s most versatile and modular pistol design. With two distinct frame sizes and three slide lengths available, you can truly customize this pistol to align with specific readiness requirements.

Any slide length can be paired with any frame, even if not originally offered as a factory configuration. Whether shooters seek a shorter dust cover with a longer slide or a slide shorter than the dust cover, configuration is simple and easy.

Though we have yet to test the PDP F-Series, the new standard it sets for building a gun for women is phenomenal. And we’re looking forward to see it continue making waves. Lauded Firearms instructor, hunter, and outdoors enthusiast Tatiana Whitlock had this to say about it:

“The F-Series is the solution women shooters have asked for, for years. Walther engineered a handgun based on our hands, with our feedback, to create a function and fit unmatched in the marketplace. Pair a woman with a firearm engineered for her and she is formidable at first shot.”

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