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walther ppk series

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With upgraded manufacturing and enhancements, the upgraded Walther PPK Series aims to please.

Since 1930, the Walther PPK stands out as one of the most instantly recognizable firearms in the industry. This distinction arises from its prominent roles in numerous iconic spy films spanning the past half-century. To put it frankly, the James Bond pistol is back in action.

The introduction of the PPK offered people a more compact option for carrying, complementing the popularity of the Walther PP series. The “Police-Pistol” line boasted the groundbreaking innovation of the world’s inaugural single/double-action trigger, coupled with a rotating safety/de-cocking lever.

Almost nine decades later, the PPK series remains a highly sought-after and extensively discussed choice among handguns. Now, the anticipation comes to an end as the market welcomes back the Walther PPK & PPK/s, following a six-year hiatus.

Meet the New Walther PPK Series

walther ppk series

How It Got To The United States

In 2012, Walther terminated its import partnership with Smith & Wesson and established Walther Arms Inc. as the U.S. arm of the company. The collaboration between Walther and Smith & Wesson had been mutually beneficial, yet the time had come for Walther to channel more focus into the U.S. market.

During that same year, the production of the PPK and PPK/s series halted, aiming to recapture the original precision in the machining and crafting of the early PPK models. This aspiration led to a partnership between American craftsmanship and German engineering.

While the slides of the PPK and PPK/s are crafted by Carl Walther GmbH in Ulm, Germany — where the original PP series originated — the frame and internal components are produced in the United States and assembled at Walther’s facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

An Upgrade in Manufacturing for the PPK Series

Given its iconic status, Walther aimed to grant the PPK the attention and meticulousness it deserved during the manufacturing process. This commitment translated to refining the manufacturing methods.

The team at Carl Walther in Ulm, Germany, integrated the front and rear sights back into the slide, accompanied by the addition of the “wave” anti-glare rib between these sights. The fit and finish of the PPK and PPK/s reach are, in Walther’s opinion, the best yet. They’re the latest iteration to nearly 90 years of experience of producing these slides.

Observable Enhancements

While the enhancements to the slide are readily observable, detecting improvements in the frame necessitates closer examination. However, the quality of machining in the frame becomes apparent through its fit and finish. Elements such as the hammer, trigger, trigger bar, cocking piece, and ejector were all reverted to being fully machined, departing from the recent metal injection molding process. This transition to full machining enhances the gun’s aesthetics by eliminating mold lines and enhancing the surface texture. Walther also upgraded the material area of the trigger bar and feed ramp. This results in a smoother trigger pull and heightened reliability.

The Nitty Gritty of the PPK Series

The PPK and PPK/s models offer both a stainless steel and a black QPQ finish. Both finishes exhibit exceptional resistance to water and sweat, all while preserving the classic appearance of the original. Each model retains the timeless checkered grips, with the PPK featuring grips that envelop the rear of the handle, while the PPK/s showcases two separate side panels, delineated by the frame’s integral steel backstrap.

The primary distinction between these models is the frame size. The PPK/s presents the “sport” frame, slightly elongated compared to the standard PPK frame. This enhancement allows an upgrade from the PPK’s 6-round capacity to the PPK/s’s 7-round capacity with just a slight increase in overall weight.

Top Tier PPK Model: The Walther PPK/S Meister Manufaktur Pistol

Within the PPK line is the PPK/s Meister Manufaktur Pistol. The Meister Manufaktur program builds limited edition pistols with hand-finished quality, promising exceptional detail and a leveled-up experience for EDC.

This latest addition to the Meister Manufaktur lineup is the Walther PPK/S. With stunning engraving and a look fit for James Bond, this will be the next pistol to add to your internationally mysterious gun collection.

Final Thought

Whether you’re reenacting your favorite spy film, assembling a collection of classics, or seeking an elegant everyday carry, the Walther PPK and PPK/s unquestionably earn their place as must-have choices.

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