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5.11 AMP Packs

The 5.11 AMP series of packs stands for “All Missions Pack”. If you are familiar with 5.11 you most definitely are aware of the RUSH series of packs, this new series builds off that legacy but brings new innovative features in a modern day package. What does “modern day” mean, you ask? Well my friend, it means lighter materials, modular storage solutions and the ability to be customized to fit your needs.

5.11 AMP Packs, Backpacks, Bags are full of innovative features
Small but mighty, the AMP10™ Backpack is built to be tough, flexible and comfortable. It offers virtually limitless options for mounting or attaching gear with 5.11’s innovative HEXGRID® load bearing system. This super pack also includes a full-loop platform and webbing loops for internal Gear Set™ placement. It even forms to your body for total support via the thermoformed ergonomic back panel. And don’t forget the CCW pocket for your most essential cargo.

The AMP bags come in 10, 12, 24, 72 models. The numbers refer to how many hours of survival gear (or any gear for that matter) they can carry. Ten means 10 hours and it goes up to 72 hours, this also hints at the size of the packs. One of the stand out features of the AMP bags is its new take on a traditional MOLLE system. MOLLE is used by the military for attaching extra gear or items, 5.11 created the HEXGRID which works with MOLLE type pouches but allows for unique placement of pouches.

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HEXGRID is 5.11’s load bearing system that allows for multiple-angle attachment options. It’s laser cut for added strength. The panel can be removed and you can take advantage of the 5.11 Gear Set ™ modules. These modules can be used to build specific load outs. You can have one that is strictly first aid or build one that carries additional field tools. The Gear Set ™ modules can also work inside the bag.

“We should also mention that the AMP series is CCW compatible in case you choose to carry off-body.”

The AMP is feature rich. The clam shell opening allows you to fully open the bag all the way allowing quick access to the inside. The internal loop platform allows further customization for storage needs and works with the previously mentioned Gear Set ™ system. There is a hydration sleeve that can also double as a laptop sleeve (up to 15”) if you decide to use this pack for daily use. There’s 4 side pockets for quick access items and a secret bottom stash pocket. We should also mention that the AMP series is CCW compatible in case you choose to carry off-body.

5.11 AMP Packs and Backs use Hexgrid Technology to add support and comfort.
5.11 AMP Packs and Backs – All Missions, Every Adventure

For added comfort, 5.11 uses a Thermoformed back panel with a comfort yoke for added weight distribution. The 500D Nylon body and 1050D Nylon bottom are water resistant making it great for days out in the bush. Overall the pack is a great addition to the 5.11 family of packs and bags. If you are in the market for a new pack take a look at the AMP series.

To learn more or to purchase the AMP, visit: www.511tactical.com

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