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father's day gifts for shooters

H&B’s Gift Guide for the Pro-Gun Dad

For many of us, it was Dear Ol’ Dad who taught us how to shoot a gun—it certainly was for yours truly. At 14, my dad took me to a rural farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains to shoot Coke cans set atop an old wooden fence with a .22 rifle. From there, I graduated to .410 bore and then onto a 12-gauge shotgun.

Fast forward many years (and many more firearms shot) later, I find myself typing up this list of the best Father’s Day gifts for shooters in honor of the men who love their guns almost as much as their children. It’s because of their passion for the outdoors and the Second Amendment that we can continue to make days out at the range the ultimate father-child bonding experience.

Wipe-Out Foaming Bore Solvent

Wipe-Out Foaming Bore Solvent

First on our list of Father’s Day gifts for shooters is the Wipe-Out Foaming Bore Solvent. Your dad is probably no stranger to a post-range gun cleaning session, so why not get him a can of WIPE-OUT™, an odorless foaming bore cleaner, to add to his cleaning kit? Unlike competitive alternatives, which often contain harsh chemicals with nasty odors, WIPE-OUT™ offers a safer and more effective solution. All Dad has to do is spray and wipe!

Vital Impact All-In-One Gun Cleaning Kit

Vital Impact All-in-one Gun Cleaning Kit

While we’re on the topic of gun cleaning, allow me to introduce you to the Vital Impact All-In-One Gun Cleaning Kit. Periodically we all need to replace our bore brushes and mops, so do Dad a favor and get him a set of brand-spankin’ new gun cleaning tools.

Kit includes:

  • 6 solid brass rods for pistols and rifles
  • 1 33-inch pull cord
  • 1 multifunction handle for rods, pull cord, and driver sets
  • 11 brass wire brushes to fit:
    • 12 ga. & 20 ga.
    • .410 bore
    • .45 cal
    • .40 cal
    • .357/.38/9mm
    • .30 cal
    • .270 cal
    • 6mm
    • .22 cal
    • .17 cal
  • Six mops to fit:
    • 12 ga. & 20 ga.
    • .410 bore
    • .357/.38/9mm
    • .22 cal
    • .17 cal
  • 3 adapters for shotgun/rifle/pistol mops and brushes
  • 50 pieces of 3-inch x 3-inch cleaning patches

DAKA® GRID Organizer for Pelican™ V800 Vault

DAKA® GRID Organizer for Pelican™ V800 Vault

If Dad has been complaining about transporting all of his gear to and from the range or on long-haul hunting trips, then he needs the DAKA Grid Organizer that’s compatible with the Pelican V800 Vault gun case. Dad can configure the grid to his heart’s content to keep his firearms and accessories secure. Even better, the Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) panels don’t absorb contaminants like open-cell foam does. The EPP panels are resistant to liquid and chemical seepage to keep gear from becoming contaminated. And since Dad will have enough to clean at the end of his excursions, he’ll certainly appreciate that the panels are easy to clean with just a swipe of a damp cloth.

Caldwell Shooting Lead Sled 3

Caldwell Shooting Lead Sled 3

If your dad has long guns that pack a serious punch, then he’ll no doubt appreciate the Caldwell Shooting Lead Sled 3. This tool drastically reduces recoil by as much as 95% while firmly keeping firearms on target. Its new skeletonized front rest safeguards guns with its non-marring surfaces. The enhanced rear buttstock cradle employs cutting-edge Shock Eliminator Technology and also features a non-marring cradle to ensure firearms remain securely positioned.



Last on our list of Father’s Day gifts for shooters is the Remington Mini Dehumidifier. The Remington Dehumidifier safeguards Dad’s firearms from moisture to prevent corrosion and irreparable damage. The Mini Dehumidifier was designed using innovative water crystal technology to efficiently attract and retain moisture. This compact, portable device can go wherever Dad goes without the need for a plug or extension cord. The Mini Dehumidifier was engineered to operate within enclosures of up to 333 cubic feet. This means Dad can turn your bedroom into his own John Wick-style gun vault!

The Mini Dehumidifier conveniently delivers up to 60 days of protection before requiring recharging. The indicator window signals when it’s time for a battery charge, which can be accomplished in just a few hours.

Disclaimer: We may earn a modest commission from our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting us!

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