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Magpul DAKA Grid Organizer

If you’re anything like me, an average gun enthusiast, you probably have a stack of gun cases laying around the house. Maybe you have a few of those plastic Plano cases with the “egg crate” type foam that you got on a budget-buy or you went all in on a few that are permanently modified for one particular weapon – like a laser cut Pelican case. Of course, after cutting the foam of the case or pulling out the soft foam inserts, it becomes pretty apparent that for every gun you will buy, it will require its own personalized case. Let’s face the facts: we like the idea of opening a gun case and seeing the weapon perfectly molded into the foam as if it were a scene straight out of Mission Impossible. But it’s an expensive and space-consuming predicament to be in. That was until Magpul finally came up with a solution: The DAKA Grid Organizer.

Magpul DAKA Grid Organizer

The DAKA Grid Organizer is a Lego-like system that pulls the cool and eye appealing factor together with space saving organization. Best part? It can be rearranged in a matter of seconds to fit any firearm by just simply rearranging how the “Legos”, officially known as expanded polypropylen (EPP) blocks, are placed inside the grid.

Because of Magpul’s design, I’m down to two cases. One of the cases is a Pelican Vault V730 rigged with the DAKA Grid (MAG1301) good for one rifle and the other is a Pelican Vault V800 rigged with the larger grid (MAG1302) good for two rifles. Between these cases, I have the perfect custom fit in a matter of seconds for any gun(s) in my safe.

When it’s time for my next trip, I can custom fit the next rifle in the same case in an instant. It’s literally as simple as playing with blocks. Magpul’s dense hard foam secures the rifle, mags, optics, etc. in any fashion your heart desires, while the two layers of standard soft foam that come with the Pelican case, secure any left-over play into that “yeah, that’s not going anywhere” fit.

Finally, we don’t have to choose our weapons on “case-by-case” basis – pun intended. No more spare closets taken up by dozens of individual cases. The Magpul DAKA Grid Organizer does it all. It will not only help you save space in your home, but also does it in a fashion that only Magpul can; one that will make you proud to open those latches when you show your buddies your new gun.

DAKA® GRID Organizer for Pelican™ Vault V730, $139.95

DAKA® GRID Organizer for Pelican™ Vault V800, $159.95

Need more blocks? Here’s the expansion kit, $29.95

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