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Sightmark Hits All the Marks with Their New XTM-3 Magnifier & Element MTS 1.30 Red Dot Sight

Each year, tens of thousands of people from the firearms and outdoor industries make their way to Las Vegas for the annual SHOT Show. It is a collection of over 2,500 companies in an area covering over 800,000 square feet. With over 13 miles of rows, it is a lot to take in. I am fortunate to attend the show each year and always try to find the best of the best. One of my first stops is always Sightmark. Here are two new affordable optics that should help you get on target like a boss.

Sightmark XTM-3 Magnifier

What’s truly notable about the new XTM-3 is that it is the smallest and lightest magnifier on the market. Weighing only 8.1 ounces, this 3-inch-long magnifier has an 18mm objective lens and provides 3x magnification to a wide variety of rifle-mounted red dot sights. It is unobtrusive and compact and allows shooters to quickly transition to 3x magnification without sacrificing clarity or sight picture. The innovative flip-to-side mechanism enables the rapid transition from 1x to 3x magnification and thus a seamless transition from short to medium ranges. MSRP on the XTM-3 Magnifier is a reasonable $250.

Sightmark Element MTS 1×30 Red Dot Sight

Another great addition to their line is the Sightmark Element 1×30. The new Element is their update to the popular Tactical Red Dot Sight. Enhancements include a smaller, more precise 2-MOA red dot, improved brightness settings, and two-night vision compatibility modes. It’s perfect for both-eyes-open shooting on AR rifles and shotguns. Perhaps the most useful of all the MTS features is the adjustment caps; the MTS windage/elevation caps can be flipped and used as tools for making adjustments. The design of the sight also naturally protects these adjustment caps with raised edges. A rugged and compact aluminum alloy housing keeps the MTS 1 inch shorter than the competition and provides increased durability in the field.

Author’s note: Lastly, Sightmark was very excited to let me know that they have now extended their warranty to a full five years. Beyond their new products, they have an extensive lineup of great optics and gear.

For more, check out sightmark.com

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