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Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M2

Sightmark’s New Reflex Sight has RMR Compatibility: The Mini Shot A-Spec M2 is now available for RMR footprint weapons.

Leading optics manufacturer Sightmark proudly presents the Mini Shot A-Spec M2, their innovative new reflex sight, enhancing versatility with its RMR footprint compatibility. This advanced reflex sight is also compatible with previously supported RMSC and Docter cuts, broadening its usability across various pistols and reinforcing the Mini Shot A-Spec’s reputation for dependability and precision.

James Sellers, Sightmark’s founder and CEO, excitedly states, “Our goal is to give competition shooters a reliable red dot optic capable of withstanding the rigors of the sport, and we’re confident that the Mini Shot A-Spec delivers on that promise.”

About the Mini Shot A-Spec M2 Reflex Sight

The compact yet robust Mini Shot A-Spec M2 excels in quick target acquisition and ensures accurate shooting. Its extensive field of view and limitless eye relief make it perfect for both novice and seasoned shooters. Its robust 6061-T6 aluminum frame ensures resilience to harsh environments and frequent usage.

Moreover, the Mini Shot A-Spec M2 boasts additional features such as a 1 or 5 MOA alternate red dot reticle. It also offers 6 daytime and 3 night vision modes for both MOA settings, providing an impressive total of 18 brightness settings.

Buy the Mini Shot A-Spec M2 at authorized Sightmark dealers and on the Sightmark website. Given its superior optics and robust construction, the Mini Shot A-Spec M2 is set to be a top choice for shooters across all experience levels.

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