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Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope

The Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope is a compact, lightweight optic with a 384 sensor and 1400-yard detection range, and it’s new for 2023.

Today, Sightmark unveiled its newest addition to the ‘Wraith’ series of digital riflescopes. Meet the Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope.

The Wraith Mini 2-16×32 Thermal Riflescope ($2100) is an exciting extension to Sightmark’s renowned Wraith line of digital color/night vision riflescopes. Featuring a 384 sensor and an impressive 1400-yard detection range, the Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope brings the latest thermal technology to hunters worldwide.

Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope

“Our Wraith line has been extremely successful,” commented James Sellers, Sellmark’s Founder and CEO. “We wanted to take the next step in providing hunters with solutions that are efficient, effective, and intuitive.

About the Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope

Improving on the acclaimed Wraith 4K Mini design, the Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope is a streamlined, lightweight high-end optic. An intuitive step-through menu makes operation simple and easy.

The Wraith Mini Thermal’s 384×288 microbolometer sensor illuminates hard-to-detect elements on a 1024×768 digital display. Additionally, the built-in audio and video recording onto a micro-SD card lets users capture their hunts in high-resolution detail.

Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope

Power comes from CR123A batteries. Further, the Wraith Mini Thermal ensures 3.5 to 4.5 hours of operation, variable upon video recording and other factors. It also supports Lithium-ion power banks.

The Sightmark Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope also features a 17-micron pixel pitch, a 2-16x digital zoom, five color display palettes, and a broad selection of reticle colors and styles for a fully personalized field of view. Additionally, it accommodates storage of up to five firearm profiles for seamless transitions across multiple rifle platforms.

In our opinion, the Wraith Mini Thermal Riflescope fits hunters, law enforcement, security personnel, home defenders, boaters, and nocturnal adventurers.

Sightmark Core 2.0 Series
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