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Father’s Day is just around the corner and Hook & Barrel is here to help! Check out these great gift ideas:

What to Buy Dad?

Benchmade Cigar Cutter

Is Pops a cigar aficionado? Make sure to get him the perfect cut this Father’s Day! From one of our favorite knife makers, Benchmade Knives, this cutter is sure to wow him. The bias-offset, guillotine-style S30V blade now contacts the liner inside of the multi-layered Richlite handle, ensuring the cleanest and most efficient cut for a smooth, even draw. The included leather carry pouch offers understated protection in your pocket. Great for novices and aficionados alike, the 1500 Cigar Cutter adds a touch of class to dad’s next smoke.
Benchmade.com, $250.00

What to Buy Dad?

DemerBox Bluetooth Speaker

Let dad bring the Father’s Day celebration anywhere! The DB2 dual speaker features unmatched sound quality, clear audio and powerful bass, and multiple speaker pairing. One DemerBox is plenty to get the party started, but pair multiple DemerBox speakers to create an outdoor sound system at your next summer pool party. With crisp highs and punchy bass its professional-grade sound excels, providing the soundtrack loud enough for your outdoor adventures. Most importantly, an included a Port Plug installs quickly to become fully waterproof. Never worry about rain or the speaker falling overboard again!

Demerbox.com, $349.00

What to Buy Dad?

Benchmade Table Knife Set

Every dad loves a good steak! How about giving him a set of the best steak knives on the market this year? Handcrafted in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, this table knife redefines the kitchen landscape through the fusion of lifelong performance and American-made quality. Benchmade’s proprietary SelectEdge™ technology delivers precision to every meal, earning a seat at every table, no matter where your table sits. The set includes four knives stored in a red birch wood case crafted by H. Arnold Wood Turning.

Benchmade.com, $600.00

What to Buy Dad?

Mountain America Jerky

Is your old man a jerky junky? We have tried a lot of jerky here at Hook & Barrel, but no other brands match up to the flavor and quality of Mountain America Jerky. Just one bite and you know that you’re not chomping on some chemical laden, mystery meat, from the truck stop. Based on a family tradition in the meat business, Mountain America delivers the highest quality of jerky from processing to packaging – delivering fresh, tasty, snacks every time. To top it off, they just don’t serve up run of the mill cuts. How about antelope jerky? Alligator jerky? Duck jerky? You name it, they have it. Get dad a selection of classic meats and toss in a few exotic jerkies as well. He’ll love it!

Mountainamericajerky.com, starting at $8.95 a pack. (Don’t buy just one though, get him a sample pack!)

What to Buy Dad?

Battleground Farm Bourbon Bullets

Does your dad enjoy a good bourbon? How about making it a great bourbon?! Get him the Triple Shot Whiskey Aging set from Battleground Farm. A selection of oak, maple, and cherry woods, that when placed in a bottle of bourbon, takes it to the next level! The bullet finishes any whiskey and adds the smoothness and subtle undertones of top shelf spirits in days. Veteran owned and operated, Battleground Farm Bourbon Bullets amaze the palate of even the most discerning aficionado. The oak adds pops of toffee, caramel, and vanilla. Cherry adds tart sweetness and removes the bite of a bourbon. And the maple pairs the best with vodka believe it or not – adding strong flavors of vanilla. Developed through a four-step process, the Bourbon Bullet works as a traditional whiskey barrel stave, but carries the iconic shape of one of the worlds fiercest military rounds – the .338 Lapua.

Battlegroundfarm.com, $27.95

What to Buy Dad?

Don’t forget the decanter set! Featuring an authentic .50 caliber machine gun bullet pressed into the side of the decanter and .308 rounds in the glasses.

Battlegroundfarm.com, $89.95

What to Buy Dad?

Tahwahkaro Whiskey

Handcrafted from grain to glass in Texas, Tahwahkaro is an award-winning, well-balanced, whiskey. Each bottle is distilled, bottled, and hand-dipped in Palestine, Texas. Buy dad their cask strength or malt rye this year. The rye, reveals an explosion of unexpected flavors. The first sip is like a deep vanilla toffee mingled with pepper and spice but as it leaves, there’s this lingering taste of chocolate and buttered toast. Their cask strength is one of our favorites – soft up front and spicy on the back, with hints of licorice and lingering pepper and roasted caramel. Not to mention this punchy whiskey sits around 128 proof!


What to Buy Dad?

Balcones Lineage Single Malt Whiskey                  

Help dad branch out a bit from traditional scotches with Balcones Lineage. Texas-made, Lineage is made using a combination of Golden Promise malted barley from Scotland as well as malted barley grown in Texas. The spirit is matured both in refill oak, common in traditional Scottish Single Malts, and new oak barrels, as is the tradition with most American Whiskies. It’s the best of both worlds steeped in Scottish tradition and boasting the artisanship of trendy Texas distilleries. With a sweet nose of mulled cider, bruised bananas and peaches, tea tree and a taste of caramelized sweetness, soft oak, manuka honey, chestnuts and hint of red wine reduction, this whiskey will be sure to delight dad this year.  


For more on dads, click here.

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