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Monster Goldfish Hooked


While fishing in France, a British angler hooked a monster goldfish. He spent 25 minutes reeling the carp in.

The angler, Andy Hackett, was fishing Bluewater Lakes in Champagne, France, when he hooked the 20-year-old female. She weighed in at 67.5 pounds.

“I knew it was a big fish when it took my bait and went off side to side and up and down with it,” Hackett said. “Then it came to the surface 30 or 40 yards out, and I saw that it was orange.”, Hackett told the Daily Mail.

“It was brilliant to catch it, but it was also sheer luck,” he added.

“The Carrot”, as the fish has been nicknamed, was released back into the lake. A video posted by the outfitter shows Hackett holding the giant fish before putting it back.. 

The fish was stocked 15 years ago “as something different for the anglers to try to catch,” Jason Cowler, a spokesman for Bluewater Lakes, told FTW Outdoors. 

It surely was a surprise for Hackett who never expected to catch it!

Bluewater Lakes is a family run business with a background in successful fishery management in France and the UK. They are committed to giving guests the best possible fishing experience with well stocked carp ponds. They also take pride in their accommodations and food offerings.

If you want to travel across the pond and fish with Bluewater Lakes, click here.

Love this story? Learn to catch fish from the bank with advice from Bill Dance: Click Here.

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