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bass baitcasting combo

Save Money & Catch More Bass With These Top 6 Rod & Reel Combos 

Serious anglers know that there’s a time and place for every kind of fishing rod and reel. Most also realize that when it comes to speed, power and accuracy—three important aspects of lure/bait presentation—a good baitcasting combo is hard to beat. 

For hardcore bass anglers, this is doubly so. A top-quality baitcasting outfit can help you put your lure right where you want it, get it back in at top speed if necessary to make a follow-up cast and handle the extreme pressure of a hefty fish when the fight is on. 

All that said, let’s look at a handful of bass baitcasting combos on the market now that can be considered—Hook & Barrel-Approved! 

Lew’s Custom XP Baitcast Combo 

Lew's Custom XP Combo 

Lew’s has been producing high-quality fishing equipment since 1949. And in the fishing industry, 75 years of experience is nothing to sneeze at. 

The Lew’s Custom XP Baitcast Combo, available from Bass Pro Shops, matches a 7-foot or 7-foot, 4-inch 1-piece IM-8 graphite rod with the company’s Custom XP Baitcasting reel to make an outfit that is hard to beat. The reel, built on a one-piece Super Low Profile frame with a removable side plate and double-anodized, machined aluminum U-spool, features a stainless steel 10-bearing system. The rod features stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts, along with Winn Dri-Tac split grips. 

Abu Garcia Veritas Baitcast Combo 

Abu Garcia Veritas Combo 

Available in two lengths and two rod powers from storied manufacturer Abu Garcia, the Veritas Baitcast Combo from Bass Pro Shops packs a lot of quality into a reasonably priced package. 

The reel’s 10 stainless steel ball bearings, combined with one roller bearing, ensure smooth operation, while the Carbon Matrix drag system delivers reliable fish-taming drag pressure across the entire drag range. The rod is engineered using exclusive Powerlux 100 Nano resin, which produces rods that test out 15% stronger and 5% lighter than rods without that technology. A Robotically Optimized Casting System guide train maximizes casting distance with lighter lures, and titanium alloy guides with ultra-light zirconium inserts ensure a well-balanced feel. 

ProFISHiency Krazy 3 Baitcast Combo 

ProFISHiency Krazy 3 Combo 

Available from Cabela’s, the ProFISHiency Krazy 3 Baitcast Combo puts fish-catching power and smoothness at your fingertips. The outfit combines a 7-foot medium-heavy rod with a right-hand 7.3:1 gear ratio reel. 

The rod is crafted on a quality one-piece IM8 graphite blank and is both strong and sensitive. It features durable stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts, a clear low-profile reel seat for comfortable palming and a split-grip handle with cork grips. The reel is specifically made for targeting bass and features a magnetic braking system for casting accuracy, a 95mm carbon-fiber handle, and a premium carbon-fiber drag system with an aluminum drag star. 

Mach 2 Baitcast Combo 

Mach 2 Combo 

The Mach 2 Baitcast Combo, available from Cabela’s, is another quality setup offered at a very reasonable price. This combo pairs a 7-foot, 3-inch medium-heavy rod with a super-fast 7.5:1 gear ratio baitcasting reel. 

The 10-bearing system reel features a one-piece graphite frame that emphasizes “palmable” comfort and control. Precision-cut gears make for smooth, powerful craning, and an externally adjustable magnetic control system makes casting easy. The rod was built using a premium IM8 graphite blank and features stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts for a smooth feel. Fitted with Lew’s exclusive hi-vis SoftTouch graphite skeletal reel seat and Winn Dri-Tac ULTRA handle grips, it offers control and balance. 

Lunkerhunt F-117 Baitcaster Combo 

Lunkerhunt F-117 Baitcaster Combo 

For those with a little less storage space during transport, the Lunkerhunt F-117 Baitcaster Combo from Sportsman’s Warehouse includes a two-piece rod matched to a super-fast reel with an 8.1:1 gear ratio. 

The 7-foot, medium-heavy rod was made from a pure carbon blank and features a fast action for versatile use. The premium reel seat and low-friction ceramic guides add to its utility, as does the crushed cork handle with exposed carbon blank. The 200 series-size reel utilizes nine ball bearings for smoothness and features a high-strength carbon body and side cover. It also boasts an aluminum alloy spool and carbon-fiber braking system. 

Shakespeare Agility Low-Profile Casting Combo 

Shakespeare Agility Low-Profile Casting Combo 

For those on a budget, the Shakespeare Agility Low-Profile Casting Combo from Sportsman’s Warehouse is incredibly priced at under $60—a fraction of the price of many of the outfits previously mentioned. 

The quality baitcasting reel utilizes a machined aluminum spool and adjustable magnetic cast system to give ultimate control. Strong brass drive and pinion gears were used in building the reel to ensure maximum durability under hard use.  The rod’s graphite composite construction keeps the outfit’s weight down while still delivering the feel and power necessary for success on bass waters. For a combination of price and quality, this combo is a hard one to beat. 

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