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F-1 Firearms UDP-9

With its shorter barrel length, light weight, and AR-platform functionality, the Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) is a versatile mid-range firearm for personal defense and competitive shooting. Increasing interest in the PCC platform brings new and innovative companies pushing the limits of capability, craftsmanship, and performance. It is within this boutique realm that we find F-1 Firearms and their UDP-9 carbine.

The UDP-9 version I received came in an OD green anodized finish with F-1’s P7M 15” rail design for the handguard. The upper and lower receiver, handguard, and grips were made of 7075-T6511 billet aluminum, milled in-house to create the skeletonized appearance. Using the same material allows for the anodization process to create a consistent color throughout, and the lines and machining of the parts were crisp and visually appealing.

One might believe the skeletonized feature offers a huge weight reduction, but that isn’t really the case. F-1 Firearms machines the walls of the receiver and handguard thicker to add strength and rigidity to the system, while keeping the weight consistent with a standard AR rifle. The increased porting of the chassis aids in heat dissipation through increased airflow.

I had never experienced a skeletonized grip before and was pleasantly surprised to find that, when coupled with the paracord wrap, the grip was very comfortable and fit my hand easily.

The Hiperfire PDI trigger featured an adjustable trigger shoe that was comfortable and allowed for a consistent finger placement when shooting. The PDI was a single stage trigger with a very smooth pre-travel stage, a crisp break, and a fast reset. The Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock lived up to its name by creating a reduced footprint while still being incredibly comfortable and allowing for a solid cheek weld.

The tolerances of the gun display the level of machining that F-1 is capable of, and every part was tight fitting. Most of the non-anodized parts on this gun were finished in a True Black PVD coating, which reduced friction and made it easier to clean.

The Avalanche ambidextrous charging handle was easily manipulated with both the strong or weak hand.

The rifle arrived with two factory Glock 17 magazines, which I swapped out for factory extended 33-round magazines, as well as some extended magazines made by ETS and Promag. The rifle came without sights, so I installed an Aimpoint Micro T-2. I usually subscribe to either a 25-, 36-, 50-, or 100-yard zero for most rifles, depending on caliber and application. I chose a 20-yard zero, which I like for pistol caliber carbines with a longer barrel as it allows for no more than a two-inch deviation from the point of aim to the point of impact from five yards out to 100 yards.  

I tested the rifle with PMC and Sellier & Bellot full-metal jacket ammunitions in 115-grain and 124-grain loads and Winchester 147-grain rounds just to see how the 1:8 twist rate would work.

The rifle was incredibly easy to shoot, and I attribute that to both the barrel and the Dragon Slay-AR muzzle brake, which greatly reduced any perceived recoil. It’s hard to discern true precision at a short distance, but the rifle handled everything well. I found the 115 grain and 124 grain loads to be the most precise, with the 147 grain rounds being a little less consistent.

At ranges of 100 yards and under, this PCC was 1 MOA or better, more than accurate enough for home defense scenarios as well as competitions.

If you are looking for a solid competition-oriented platform, a great gun for personal defense, or just a gun for a fun day at the range, you owe it to yourself to check out the F-1 Firearms line and add a UDP-9 to your collection.

Specifications: F-1 Firearms UDP-9 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine

ACTION: Semi-Automatic


RECEIVER: Billet 7075 Anodized Aluminum

BARREL: Black Nitride Barrel w/1:8 Twist

BARREL LENGTH: 16 inches

MAGAZINES: 2 Factory Glock 17-Round


TRIGGER: Hiperfire PDI 9mm Single Stage with Adjustable Shoe

HEIGHT: 7.1 inches

WIDTH: 1.75 inches

LENGTH: 33.75 inches (stock retracted)/ 37 inches (stock extended)

WEIGHT: 6 lbs., 9 oz.

UPGRADE OPTIONS (as tested): True Black PVD Coated Bolt Carrier ($200), Skeletonized Foregrip w/Paracord ($135), Skeletonized Grip Style 2 w/paracord ($135), and Green Anodized Finish ($150).

MSRP: $1,750.00 Base/$2,370.00 As Tested

URL: f-1firearms.com

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