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Colt McCoy has a new favorite fishing spot. He just hasn’t found it yet.
“I’ve fished on the (Texas) coast, I fished in lakes, I fished in the Great Lakes for walleyes and smallies and had a great time,” McCoy says. “But I’ve never been deep-sea fishing and I want to go catch something big. I would want to go out with someone who knew what they were doing.”
Are you listening (or reading), Jimmy Johnson?
Johnson, a fellow Texan, won two Super Bowls as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and built the team that would win three Lombardi Trophies in the 1990s. He now lives on the water in the Florida Keys. Short of a trip to Florida, McCoy has a few favorite fishing holes near his home in Austin – Lake Bastrop and Lake LBJ.
“Lake Bastrop is a little state park lake about 30 minutes from my house,” McCoy says. “I like it because I can throw a kayak in the back of my truck. It’s big enough that you can’t fish it all but there’s a lot of shoreline and a lot of nice fish in there.”
Lake LBJ offers more serious fishing.
“I’ve got some friends out there and we spend a lot of time on that lake,” Colt McCoy says. “There’s a lot of water to cover. It’s fun because you can go up in the rivers. You can fish for some sand bass and there’s crappies everywhere, largemouth … there’s a lot of cover, lots of structure, lots of deep water, you can really get after them.”

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