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hunter's quick stick
(Photo: Ryan Barbosa)

The Hunters Quick Stick is a two-in-one cleaning kit with an added shell magnet. It’s lightweight and compact, allowing you to take it with you anywhere.

Anyone who owns a shotgun and shoots it for sport knows how fouled up the bore can get. In a lot of cases, it’s the shotgun that gets the most trigger pulls per year.

With the high number of loads that are sent through the barrel, you might think it gets cleaned more than the other firearms. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth, because “why clean it if I’m just going to shoot it tomorrow?” Whether you’ve been the one to say it or not, we can all agree breaking out a cleaning kit after every shotgun session just doesn’t happen as often as it should. 

Thankfully, we’ve found an easy solution in keeping your shotgun clean.

Meet the Hunter’s Quick Stick

hunter's quick stick
The author picking up shells with the Hunter’s Quick Stick. (Photo: Ryan Barbosa)

Using the Hunters Quick Stick is as simple as using a cleaning rod. But, you no longer need to screw three pieces together or carry around a 3-foot single-piece rod that doesn’t fit anywhere in your pack.

Simply extend the telescopic pole and twist to lock it in place for a rock solid cleaning rod. Remove the cap, lay a cleaning patch over your bristle brush and slide it through the barrel. After one or two passes the carbon buildup is taken care of. When done, all you need to do is throw away the cleaning patch. There’s no need to wash the device after the season like would have to do with a bore snake. 

The handle of the Hunters Quick Stick has a heavy-duty magnet inside the grip. Impressively, it can grab 12+ spent hulls at a time for easy pick up after a day of shooting. This feature alone makes it a must have for shooters that reload empty shells. I personally let my kids (4 & 7) use the magnet to go shell hunting while I wait for the doves to fly over. It’s a really fun way to keep the boys busy during the slow times. Plus, we do our part to leave the field better than we found it.

The Hunters Quick Stick weighs in at just a little under a pound. It will clean up to 34 inches inside a 12-gauge or up to 28 inches inside a 20-gauge. It comes with a soft bristle brass brush, a bag of cleaning gauze, and a clear plastic cap to contain any solvents. The total package comes in at a reasonable $39.99

Our Thoughts?

The Hunters Quick Stick is a must have for shotgun enthusiasts, sporting clay shooters, and especially field hunters who like to put their shotgun through the ringer.

The convenient design allows you to take the Hunters Quick Stick anywhere. And we love that the magnetic handle provides a multi-purpose tool you can’t get with any other cleaning kit.

With a lightweight, durable, and convenient design, the Hunters Quick Stick will have a place in your pack for years to come. 


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