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Taurus TH45

The latest from Taurus is the Taurus TH45. This defensive pistol is a boon for home protection.

Taurus elevates its best-selling TH-series of pistols to a new level of performance with the introduction of the Taurus TH45. This double-action/single-action, polymer-framed semi-auto offers 13 rounds of 45 ACP firepower in a highly manageable design. It aims to cater to shooters looking for a defensive pistol with a bit more “bite.”

“There’s nothing more fitting than launching a 45 ACP in the same week as Independence Day,” Caleb Giddings, Brand Marketing Manager at Taurus, remarked. “The 45 ACP is a quintessentially American cartridge, and the TH45 is Taurus’ perfect medium to venture into this caliber.”

Meet the Taurus TH45

The Taurus TH45 is a semi-automatic handgun, with a polymer frame and chambered for 45 ACP. It employs a traditional double-action trigger, implying that the initial shot will have a long, smooth pull. The idea is that it’s akin to a revolver. Yet, all subsequent shots will be in the single-action mode, enabling rapid and precise firing.

With its 13-round capacity, the TH45 is an excellent pick for personal protection, home defense, and competition shooting. Furthermore, the TH45’s industry-standard sight dovetails make sight substitution effortless.

However, the TH45 is more than merely an upscaled version of the existing TH-series. Each operational element withstands the strain of the hefty 45 ACP cartridge. It does this without compromising on the double-action pull and crisp, duty-ready single-action trigger that the TH-series is known for. Moreover, like all TH-series pistols, the TH45 features Taurus’ thumb safety/decocker, facilitating a “cocked-and-locked” carry.

For more details about the Taurus TH45 and the full range of Taurus products, please visit www.taurususa.com.

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