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Hook & Barrel’s Official Camo

When it comes to camouflage, I am picky. I can’t stand oversized and baggy sets. I refuse to wear sub-par fabrics. And when it comes to pockets, snaps, zippers, drawstrings, etc., I expect them to be durable, well thought out, convenient, and ergonomic—and you should too. After all, beyond your aim, camo can make or break a hunt. Every hunt is a challenge, and the last thing you need to worry about is the one thing you rely on the most to keep you concealed and comfortable.

First, let’s dive into tailoring. This is where I really feel the winners and losers lie. How many times have you tried camo tops or bottoms that are too full in the leg or body, come in one length (too long…), made of scratchy materials, and/or are either too warm or not warn enough? This all leads to schlepping through woods, trying to avoid snapping twigs or kicking rocks, just to hear the deafening swish of your outfit rubbing together breaking the dead silence of early morning. I am sure you can relate to this on one level or another.

Pnuma’s Caza Camouflage
Pnuma Outdoors Caza camouflage pattern.

There were really two main camouflage companies out there, who have had the corner on the performance camo market in my opinion—until now. Please let me introduce to you, Hook & Barrel’s official camouflage, Pnuma Outdoors,and their long-anticipated Caza pattern.

Born from a love of the sport, the Pnuma team is made up of hunters who share in the singular focus of providing the absolute best gear a whitetail hunter could ever conceive. Equipment that is, first and foremost, durable but will also breathe, repel water, and be whisper quiet. The super micro-brushed Tricot outer fabric is protected with 3M DWR for water repellency and engineered to be windproof to 50 mph. The lightweight Hydrowick™ high-performance fabric is engineered to push moisture outward for evaporation when it’s hot and keep your body warm when the temperature drops. And of course, the Caza pattern will vanish in the forest and be flexible enough to wear during multiple seasons in multiple terrains. 

Pnuma’s Caza Camouflage

Each design is tested vigorously and abused in every condition possible. Pnuma has ensured you can hunt comfortably every day of the season, regardless of the weather, and still have performance like the first day you put it on. They stand so much behind this claim that each piece is guaranteed for life. 

Trying the pieces on, the first thing I noticed is the fit is trim but designed to layer—a proven method for warmth retention and control. Also, just in case it is a bit too trim; each pant is equipped with an elastic waistline that expands when necessary. The pockets are sewn in at the perfect angle to slip your hands into conveniently while sitting high in a tree stand or in a ground blind while maintaining silence. The zippers are smooth and do not get caught up on excess fabric, and the auxiliary pockets are well-placed for added storage without jeopardizing stealth. Adding to the simplistic design are, finally, well-thought-out vents. For those of you who have had underarm vents before, you know how difficult it is to reach up, silently pull the zipper with the opposite hand, all while trying to stay concealed. Not anymore, Pnuma’s zipper is offset allowing you to vent easily with the same arm, not having to raise it, and silently controlling body temperature. Lastly, with removable knee pads and rip-stop knees, the pants allow hunters to spot and stalk comfortably and effectively.  

Now the Caza pattern. Combining the latest in camouflage innovations, Caza Camo uses macro-shape disruption and micro-texture disruption to distort and disguise the human shape at any distance. The pattern excels at creating depth and focal confusion to further obscure you from your prey.

Pnuma’s Caza Camouflage

With just the right combination of grays, browns, tans, and greens, the pattern is one of the most versatile, multi-season patterns on the market. We put the pattern to the test at our testing grounds against rock outcroppings, dense bottomlands, pine to hardwood breaks, fields, and full on pine forests. In each scenario, the camo maximized concealment while transitioning seamlessly between them all. Perfect to ensure a successful hunt, but remember, the shot is still on you.

For more information or to buy Pnuma’s Caza camouflage, please visit pnumaoutdoors.com.

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