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Top to bottom, the superior choice this season

Chances are, you probably haven’t heard of Pnuma Outdoors given the line of elevated camouflage gear has only been on the market for a relatively short time compared to its competitors, but don’t let its youth deter you. This complete system of layer-ready camo is the full package and then some.

After two full seasons, and year-round testing of their products, I can vouch for the brand and honestly say, it is worth every penny you will spend on it. I guess the question you have to ask yourself is: is all the time and effort spent scouting, patterning, feeding, and waiting for that perfect moment worth blowing because you are wearing subpar camo that will not only leave you shivering in the cold but also leave you making unnecessary noise fumbling with less-than-thought-out zippers and pockets? And on the reverse side of that, is it worth cheaping out, only to wear camo that will make you sweat, sending your scent wafting straight up the nose of a trophy buck? Let me answer that for you—it’s not.

When we talk modern camo systems, we need to agree first that layering is the way to go. This is a tried-and-true method of keeping warm as well as a way to shed layers to keep cool. Additionally, I am a firm believer in technical fabrics over the classic and outdated simple cotton blends. These less-than-advanced choices not only harbor scent but generate their own scents due to inadequate moisture wicking.

Elevated Camo - Pnuma Outdoors

Pnuma has an expansive line of options to choose from, but if I was to build a system from scratch, I would first build off of the brand’s steadfast and multi-proposed anchors, the Waypoint Jacket and the Waypoint Pant.

Comfortable and deadly quiet, the Waypoint is the ideal mid-weight, all-season jacket. Engineered to be windproof to 50 miles per hour, the jacket also features added DWR protection for water repellency. YKK stitch-sealed and tape-sealed heavy-duty zippers make sure you stay warm and dry. The mechanical stretch twill fabric moves with you and easily stands up against hard use. Pnumagrid™ fleece lining keeps your core warm, and protective overlays on shoulders and elbows prevent pack slippage, wear, and abrasion.

The pant mirrors many of the same features the jacket boasts and guarantees performance from mid-season through late. They are a warm, ultra-quiet softshell pant and versatile enough to meet the requirements of any condition. Their 3M™ Scotchgard™ DWR water repellent keeps you dry, and The Pnumagrid™ fleece lining focuses warmth on your core without bulk, allowing you to comfortably layer up or down as needed. Added protection from PnumaGuard™ non-slip, wear-resistant overlays on knees help the Waypoint stand up to whatever punishment you dish out. Waterproof zippers from ankle to thigh offer easy on-off access, and the crotch vents keep you cool when the hunt starts to heat up.

Elevated Camo - Pnuma Outdoors

Underneath these selections I would layer the Pnuma Merino Wool Base Layer Pullover and the Merino Base Layer Pant. Known for its natural wicking and thermal regulation, merino wool will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Buttery soft and amazingly comfortable, Pnuma’s 100-percent Australian Merino Wool base layer has high strength-to-weight ratios, and elasticity, plus odor-control and wicking properties that are nothing short of amazing. They have enhanced these base layers even more by adding Pnuma SilverStrike™ anti-microbial to keep you and your base layer smelling fresher, longer.

Finally, to round out the system, never leave camp without Pnuma’s Recon Element Proof Glove. Engineered to keep your hands dry and protected during early to mid-season hunts, the glove has four-way stretch, so it fits like a mid-weight second skin. Its waterproof, breathable, and features a printed matte silicone palm to make sure you maintain your grip and dexterity in any weather.

Elevated Camo - Pnuma Outdoors

To top things off, as I mentioned earlier, Pnuma has really thought things out in terms of functionality and ergonomics. The zippers all open and close with ease when both standing and sitting. The cargo pockets have additional entry points on the side so that when you are sitting in your stand, you can easily get your hands inside of them. Since I mentioned pockets, the Waypoint jacket and pant have ample storage room; but not so much that you lose things in a jungle of unnecessary pockets. The vents open and close with ease due to the angle in which they are cut.  And most importantly, the jacket has a cut perfectly placed for your tree stand harness’ tether.

But wait there’s more! All Pnuma gear is guaranteed for life. So go put a beating on it this season.

One final tip: the brand runs a hair small, so I would suggest sizing up especially if you are a bow hunter. You want that extra room to have increased flexibility on the draw.

Good luck out there, and may you have a safe and successful season in your new gear.

Visit Pnuma Outdoors and use promo code H&B20 for a 20% discount*

*One time use per customer of 20% off order, excludes outlet items

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