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Sig Sauer Redefines What a Ranch Rifle Should Be

Modern semi-automatic rifle fans have something new to sink their teeth into. Sig Sauer’s variant-rich MCX series of rifles has a new member that’s well on its way to completely redefining what a modern ranch rifle should look, feel, and shoot like! Meet the new Sig Sauer MCX-Regulator available in three different 16-inch barreled versions and two chamberings—5.56 and 7.62×39.

Meet the New Sig Sauer MCX-Regulator

The MCX-Regulator is an aluminum-frame rifle with a gas-piston operating system, a Magpul SGA Mossberg 500/590 traditional stock combined with a redesigned lower receiver compatible with all MCX upper receivers. It has a fully ambidextrous magazine release, safety selector, and bolt catch. The MCX-Regulator offers a built-in Arca Rail for easy tripod mounting.

At first glance, shooters can see that what sets the MCX-Regulator apart from its older family members is the Magpul SGA Mossberg 500/590 Traditional stock configuration. The current SKUs available include the “Optics Ready” RMCXR-556N-16B, the RMCXR-556N-16B-RX2 which comes with a ROMEO2 installed, and the 7.62-39-chambered RMCXR-762R-16B that is also “Optics Ready.”

The 5.56 variants come with one 10-round polymer magazine, and the 7.62×39 rifle sports a 10-round steel mag. All Regulator rifles feature a 2-stage match trigger, alloy forend, Gen II NiR FDE Cerakote-finished receiver, and an M-Lok accessory rail.

sig sauer mcx-regulator ranch rifle

Additional Specifications

Other specs include 1:7 twist rate barrels on the 5.56 variants (1:9.5 for the 7.62×39), overall empty weight of 7.9 pounds (8 pounds w/ROMEO2), overall length of 39.1 inches (5.56) and 38.9 inches (7.62×39).

Check back soon to the Hook & Barrel Sig Sauer INSIDER page for a full review and companion video. 

For now, be sure to check out this promo video:

For more information on the MCX-Regulator, visit sigsauer.com

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